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What’s Next?

Life’s been busy, work has been life consuming. As winter rolled in, temperatures dropped regularly below 60 degrees and the bitter chill of winter blew in, running went to the wayside. In October I found a new “love,” a new obsession, in October I discovered roller derby. October 3 marked my first day in the … Continue reading


Until this past week, the Navy Federal 5k still seemed so far off in the distance, it still felt like I had weeks upon weeks to condition and train. Then, this morning my alarm rang loud at 6am, it was race day! I was pumped & excited. It had been years since I had a … Continue reading


I’m ready! I’m ready! Today is the Navy Federal 5k! & you can follow my progress on Twitter! Race starts at 9 am ET

Closet Runner

I just watched a lot of the Shaytards and Shayloss this summer, per usual, but this time there was something different. I felt more of an emotional connection watching Shay and Mommytard complete their marathon and half marathon. I found myself cheering on Shay, from my bedroom, when he rode in the bike race. Something … Continue reading

Mom, two children injured in accident

It had been a special weekend, my Mom’s sister and her husband, my Aunt and Uncle, were in town visiting. We planned on spending Saturday out treasure hunting at old Civil War locations and we did. I remember going to a family friend’s house down south, pacing their yard, waving the metal detector back and … Continue reading

Why Hello,

Life has been… busy, to say the very least. It has been eventful, exciting and relaxing. It’s contained just about everything, except writing. With over eight hours a day spent sitting at a computer, completing data entry, creating documents, reviewing emails, etc. my body struggles to find the energy to sit down and write. It … Continue reading


[Monday - June 17, 2013] The day started out early for everyone but Jared and me. They were up at the crack of dawn, packing the last few things into the truck and making the journey up 95 into DC with all the morning commuter traffic. It was graduation day. My little brother, Eric, his … Continue reading