Close your Eyes… it taste great…

The recipe seemed easy enough, as they all tend to… About a week ago a decided to try something different and make Stuffed Cabbage Rolls; it is not fun to learn you don’t like the taste of cabbage after you bought one and worked for nearly two hours prepping it. Despite all the Stuffed Cabbage […]

The Truth – it’s a SCAM

If you are located in the United States, Canada, Australia or a few other places you may have been approached by a sales person “promoting” a product “from NASCAR” called FW1. Typically they have stands set up outside of franchised gas stations and then spend their day approaching customers pumping gas about buying their product, FW1.  They […]

Thanksgiving Caramel Apple Pie

My cooking ability, or lack there of, never ceases to amaze me. Some how recipes that call to take a half hour take an hour at the least, some how the directions never are clear enough for me and always something ends up as it shouldn’t be (just check out that confused chicken). Way to long […]

Unexpected Thanks

Along with all of the other thanks that we are all expressing today in regards to our family, friends, jobs and everything else, I wanted to express thanks to a group that since coming into my life has had an affect in ways that I am sure they will never know. Today I want to express thanks to […]