The show Friday night was… interesting, or as a good friend of mine would put it, “Interesting like ‘That’s an interesting sweater’ interesting.”

KC’s Music Alley its self is an ‘interesting’ little spot. Located in “Old Town” Fredericksburg, Va. KC’s is right next door to two tattoo shops and an unknown car dealership, a forth of the parking lot is usually full of cars for sale.

The sign facing the road reads “Central Station” and Friday night was one of the rare occasions I can recall it having band names on it.

The entrance to KC’s is unmarked; the front doors have that classic old town feel to them. Pull them open and inside is typically the ticket man to take your money and check your ID.

KC’s its self is like some one’s giant basement. There is a rundown bar when you walk in. The walls are painted blue. The tables are cheap and the chairs are old. Above the “dance floor” is a giant disco ball and painted on the black wall behind the stage is “KC’s” in giant white letters. The sound guy box is in a back corner opposite the stage and to both the left and right of the stage are other rooms.

On one side you’ll find a bar, a bartender or two and a few pool tables. There are windows all along the wall dividing the bar and the stage with old curtains hanging in each.

KC’s feels like your friends basement, well your dick friend’s basement where you get charged for your beer.

The first band to play Friday night never arrived leaving all of the other bands and the handful of fans they each brought to simply stand around.

Finally around 9 pm (only an hour and half after the show was listed to start) My City is Rome began to bring their things on stage.

Around 9:30 the show began with My City is Rome announcing they were without a singer.

With possibly a grand total of 25 people in the room the band began to play, the lights finally dimmed and all the spectators keep commenting on how this was more like attending a giant band practice.

The music began and the instrumental set the crowd was anticipating quickly became what felt like an open mic free for all. Members from different bands, playing that night and not, took turns hoping on stage and free styling what they could.

After one of the most ‘interesting’ sets it is possible anyone will ever see My City is Rome put on, From Nothing We Conquer took the stage and let the show onward.

Finally bring the atmospheres feeling back to the level of a show, From Nothing We Conquer soon hit their own speed bump.

During the last song of the From Nothing We Conquer set a guitarist stepped off to the side of the stage. Suddenly the band was down a member; not letting it hold them back the remaining members finished the song strong and thanked everyone for coming out.

While the instrumental show for From Nothing We Conquer may have been over, the one full of frustration and anger was soon to begin. Some fans watched in shock as a show of minor mayhem began to take place on stage.

Soon the mood had returned to its original state as the guest band from Maryland prepared to take the stage.

With such a late start and a decent amount of down time in between sets it was not until close to midnight that Behind the Madness when on stage and by that point a lot of fans were heading home.

Interesting sweater interesting for sure.


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