From Nothing We Conquer, who played Friday night, announced the departure of one of their guitarist early Wednesday morning.

If you recall the show on Friday, Nov. 11 — From Nothing We Conquer was faced with a few stage struggles as a guitarist dropped out during their last song. Shortly after Anthony Armesto, vocalist, thanked the crowed from coming out and supporting all of the bands there that night a small case of mayhem broke out on stage from the guitarist who had to sit the last song out.

That guitarist that put on the after show for fans Friday night is the same guitarist whose departure was announced earlier today.

From Nothing We Conquer has wished him the best of luck in his future endeavors.

Currently searching for a new guitarist, From Nothing We Conquer is not only looking for someone to complete the band, but also be a part of the many new beginnings they have planned for the year to come.

From Nothing We Conquer has asked that any interested guitarist, or anyone that “can handle the axe” as they put it, email the band at fromnothingweconquer@gmail.com

Check out the From Nothing We Conquer sound HERE or HERE.


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