I use the term real loosely.

So far this is not shaping up to what I had imagined. Am I in shock? No, this is another project that I stared come on now. However, it is still frustrating.

I do promise the three of you reading this, that my goal is to have REAL post about interesting things (soon). Not just random all over the place blurbs – don’t get too excited, they will still be there.

Before I really write about a lot of things worthy of you spending your time reading, I want to establish myself here & establish oohgioia as a step above my other failed projects.

Soon enough some actual writing will take place on here – that is my promise to you.

In the mean time, hang on & attempt to enjoy what you have while waiting… just think you could be stuck in a cube next to someone singing and dancing. I promise it is not as much fun as it sounds.

If you have any story ideas & something you want written about send them to oohgioia@gmail.com

Now we prepare for the weekend to come…

– Gioia

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