Thanksgiving Rant

It seems to be a great debate that comes up around this time every year – is it okay to start decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving?

It honestly baffles me that in September while shopping for Halloween decorations that the Christmas lights where already on the shelves.

I can almost understand retail putting everything out early, the Christmas season is one of the largest consumer seasons, but I have to draw the line when Christmas trees start appearing in main windows and lights find their places on roof tops.

Have we really forgotten all about Thanksgiving? The holiday that CBS’ Mary-Jayne McKay calls “our most American holiday.”

Sure, on the outside Thanksgiving just looks like a lot of food and some football, but deep down we all know that it is more than that. Or have we really forgotten our grade school lessons about the Pilgrims and giving thanks?

Possibly we all just suddenly decided Thanksgiving was some made up fat American holiday. But Thanksgiving was established by the same man that first took charge of our country.

In 1789 George Washington issued the very first Thanksgiving proclamation to the U.S. government. In his proclamation Washington called upon Americans to “express their gratitude.” Later in 1863 Abraham Lincoln declared the fourth Thursday of November to be Thanksgiving, a day for all Americans to express their gratitude.

Wanting the warm, fuzzy, sharing feeling of Christmas; the year round givingI understand it. But the decorations? Really? Can we not slow down a bit and be thankful for the things we already have before getting ready for new things? Can we slow down and be thankful for our families and the story behind Christmas that gives us this great holiday?

Before we put the tree up in the main window, Santa out front and spray some faux snow on the windows, let’s remember to be thankful for the things we have, maybe even hang a turkey up and rock the Pilgrim hat – oh and of course, enjoy being fat in the process.

Oh and a huge shout out to Nordstrom for having the above advertising in stores for the last few years.

Think Christmas decorations should be kept in boxes till the day after Thanksgiving? There is a Facebook group for that.

Please also feel free to express you views in a comment below.

33 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Rant

  1. I love it, a facebook for Thanksgiving to hold its place. Absolutely, it drives me insane, I’d love it if the stores would hold off and wow us with the weekend after Thanksgiving instead of diluting it and forcing the Fa-La-La’s for two months.

    1. I totally agree. A friend of mine posted the Nordstrom ad from a few years ago on Facebook & it was one of the best things I had seen. I gained so much respect for them.
      I can typically hold back & not say anything about this debate, but this year I came home and my roommates had a tree up in the main window — I lived in “that” house on the street. I was so embarassed and fustrated, well you have seen how it resulted.

  2. Thank you. Nice one! I however, don’t really like Holidays at all! .. I choose to celebrate life & say ” Thank you ” EVERYDAY … consumerism and stuff is something that is used and abused in order to drive people apart, not bring them together .. I think best gifts is something you make yourself with your own hands, not buy it in store ..

    Best gift for me is when I was traveling solo through rural parts of Africa and making someone smile, a child in orphanage,who’s parents died of AIDS, an elderly man, who doesn’t know whether he’s going to eat today, or a mute lady by the road who sells bananas everyday for pennies in order to feed her newly born — Helping them in anyway I could at that time ; that feeling that you’ve made someone life’s better, that somewhere, someone’s life is easier, that someone breathed a bit lighter that day, because of you… that’s the best gift! We need to give each other love, care & experiences, not things ..

    Happy Holidays to you and yours,


    1. You obviously have a large loving heart — which is great. I agree with you 110%. It is not about the giving of presents, but the giving of kindness. You have done some amazing things, I hope people can learn from what you have done and do the same. I have been trying to teach my niece about donating toys & money for families that aren’t as lucky as ours. I think it is so important to take these holidays as more than being fat and getting presents.

  3. Great point mam, the world has forgotten at times to be thankful. I don’t look past Thanksgiving it was a special time for me and my family, memories and tradition a true Thanksgiving blessing.

  4. Actually I from Canada. Thanksgiving is over by mid-October each year. We sometimes make it through Halloween (but not always) before our stores are resplendent in their Christmas finery but we do assume that the end of the first week in November is the last time stores are Christmas free.

    I worked retail one year and November 1st through Christmas Eve we had to listen to a (looped) Christmas tape…I love Christmas, I love the music but I really didn’t ever want to hear Alvin and Chipmunks Christmas song. EVER. AGAIN.

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving, which us Canadians think is just too close to Christmas. You do need a breather to fully enjoy each holiday!

    1. I never knew that Thanksgiving was celebrated in Canada — thank you for that enlightenment.

      Having worked in retail for what felt like forever, I can totally relate about Alvin. It is sad when something so great is so over done.

      You Canadians are right, Thanksgiving is WAY too close to Christmas. I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving & have a Merry Christmas :)

    2. To be fair, in Canada it usually starts to “look a lot like Christmas” around Halloween, so we can excuse our neighbors in the Far North for jumping the gun a bit.

      1. We start to look a lot like Christmas around then here too. I was shopping at the end of September for Halloween stuff & there was already more aisles in Target for Christmas then Halloween. My roommates had been talking about putting the Christmas tree up since early October, I suppose I should not have been in such shock when I came home to find they put it up weeks before Thanksgiving.

    1. You husband is a very well spoken man.

      Have fun putting your tree up this weekend, oddly enough it was my roommate putting up the tree in the main window of the house I live in the pushed me to finally speak out.

      Enjoy your Thanksgiving — I am sure you guys will have a lot of great food there!

  5. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK for obvious reasons, but I agree with your sentiment. In fact, I think all things Christmasy should stay in the box until at least 1st December.

    1. Do things over there start to be brought out extremely early as well?

      I think I can live with Christmas things coming out of the box Thanksgiving night or the next day, but before is just a bit much for me personally.

      1. Wow, that is intense. Easter is not as big of a deal around here, but it really starts Dec. 26 there? Easter is not until March or April usually.

  6. As long as our society is based on consumerism, people will push to sell as much as they can. And as long as there is no money, the powers that be will try to tie this into “celebrations” and guilt. So until we change our whole attitude, Thanksgiving will be lost.

    Thanks for putting things into perspective. And I found your blog after reading Leslie Carter’s suggestion, so here’s a nice gift that keeps giving in the best of ways!

    1. It is all to true. My niece is 5 years old and could not understand why we would give a toy to another little kid and she wouldn’t get to keep it. While she is young, I think it is important for her to learn & everyone else to remember. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving.

  7. Good post on a great concept…there’s a time for everything. I love Christmas but it must wait it’s turn until all of the leaves are down and there is nothing left but evergreens with which to decorate. Go Turkey Day!

  8. I think people are getting too crazy with speeding up their lives. They are always looking forward to the future that they are almost forgetting to live the moment, I spotted the first Christmas decorations here in Lebanon in October and I was like WTH?
    I suppose it is fine for it to be out in mid November, because it makes it easier to organize your purchases for Christmas in case you need decorations or a tree and since December will have its own expenses.
    I agree with your sentiment here, it can make you sick of the holiday before it even arrives!

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