Yesterday’s post, Thanksgiving Rant, was my first post ever to get a “like” from another blogger. First thing I have done on any of my WordPress blogs since 2009 that got that small show of love.

So while it was a slow day at work today, like it has been the last week or so allowing me to start this unguided project, I logged in to see who the nice blogger was & what they had going on. That is where I found Lesley Carter.

If you have not visited Lesley’s blog yet, I recommend you do – soon. Not only is she a blogger that shares her life and reaches out to hear about yours, but she is simply inspirational.

I found myself pulling up her blog, Lesley Carter – Travel, Adventure and New Experiences, when the bosses weren’t looking of course.

In this one blog I found everything, well almost everything, which I have dreamed of doing and becoming.

I may have the tattoos that read, “Live each day like your last; Dream like you will live forever,” but Lesley is the one doing just that – sky diving, bungee jumping, world travels and so much more.

This is my long personal Thank You to Lesley Carter for sharing her story and living the life that she lives. I hope that the boy whom I have fallen in love with is half as adventurous as your husband. I hope that my life… job will allow me to travel and experience as you have. I envy your ability to embrace all and fear nothing. I wish that one day at least one of my blogs is as well structured, followed and updated as yours. You Lesley have got yourself not only a new fan and follower but also someone who finds you inspirational.


17 thoughts on “Lesley Carter — Thank You

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  2. Lesley also was one of the first other blogger to “like” one of my blogs. When I went to see who she was I found i a woman who has a zest for life. So much of our journey here can be challenging. What makes a difference between the way we experience the adventure of life is attitude and Lesley ENJOYS!!! Good luck, Heather! Keep on writing!

    • Thank you for the luck, I know I will need it. I think I launched this page in 2009 and had not really done anything with it since, hopefully this time the writing will stick. With support from other bloggers like yourself I am sure it will. Now to just get that same drive with my other blogs :) Thank you again.

  3. That first like or comment leaves a good feeling for days. I know it won’t be your last and I really have a lot of respect for the way you thanked Lesley. As long as you continue to blog, I will continue to follow.

    • Thank you so much for the support. The kindness of yourself and others has amazed me these past few days as everyone has show such great support for a project I just happened to start and have no idea what it may become. Thank you again.

    • Thank you so much. I never expected this out pour of support or nearly to gain this much attention from the post — it is actually why I did not link Lesley to it via her page. But in turn Lesley gave me such a great gift when she came across my post (as I had my fingers crossed she might). All I wanted was for Lesley to know how grateful I am for the stories she shares, never did I expect the amazing things that have happened since to happen. Thank you again for your kind words.

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