Some time last week I got a fried chicken recipe from one of my co-workers whom claims to be an expert cook when it comes to all things, especially fried chicken. Seeing as she is black and always talking about how she makes fried chicken (don’t hate me because she fits the stereotype) I figured she was a good resource for a great fried chicken recipe.

I moved out on my own in July, while I have lived on my own before, I was never more then a Ramen noodle and canned chicken type of chef. Lately I have been trying to expand my cooking abilities past pasta and frozen pizza.

I remember asking my co-worker countless times, “I have chicken breast at home, can I use the chicken breast?” With some hesitation she said “Yes” every time, so home I went with her recipe and began to attempt cooking.

I followed all of her directions step-by-step, yet some how what I had in the frying pan looked nothing like what I would get from KFC.

Maybe it needs some more flour,” I thought and pulled each strip of chicken out of the oil and dropped it back into the flour.

More time then I was expecting to spend and a white kitchen later I had way to much confused chicken, cold mashed potatoes with gravy and green beans.

Turns out to make fried chicken, you need chicken with skin… who knew.

Tonight it was time to put those confused chicken left overs to good use.

Margaret, my best friend whom just happens to be five years old, loves to cook with me, especially if we are making pasta. So left over confused (or fired) chicken pasta it was.

We took the left over four strips of confused chicken and cut them up in to tiny bite size pieces and places them in a frying pan with some oil. Re-seasoned them with salt, pepper and grill seasoning to ensure the chicken still had flavor and added some vinegar to help keep things from burning.

Cooked some Angel Hair Spaghetti in a pot and steamed some green beans in another. The cooking process always takes so much longer with a childbut it is worth it.

Finally what felt like a good few hours later everything was done. The chicken had the sauce cooked into it. The pasta had boiled, cooked and been taste tested numerous times. The green beans were steamed.

It was time to plate up some food, grab some beer & watch some NintendoCapriSun.

Lucky for me, everything tasted pretty good because now we have a huge tub of left overs.

Surprisingly Margaret and I once again did not catch anything on fire or get any cat hair into the food.

Want to make your own “fried chicken” pasta?

Take skinless chicken breast- wash, season (salt, pepper, seasoning salt, etc.), cover in flour.
Place chicken in frying pan with 1/2 cup to 1 cup of oil (any thing but olive oil).
Fry until cooked through.

You only need 3 to 4 pieces of left over “fried chicken” for the pasta.

Cut the left over strips into bite size pieces.
Place in frying pay with some Veggie Oil.
Re-season chicken.

Boil pasta as you typically would & cook side veggie as desired.

When pasta is ready to be drained, add jar of sauce to frying pan. Stir chicken and sauce well.

Drain pasta.
Put pasta back in pot.

Pour sauce and “fried chicken” mix into  pasta pot.
Stir well over low heat.

Serve all items on to plates.
Add shredded cheese on top of pasta if desired.



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