This year I will be baking a Caramel Apple Pie with my brother. We will then be heading to our mom’s house for her last Thanksgiving in Northern Va.

After that my brother and I will be heading out to Best Buy to wait in the Black Friday line in hopes of getting a few things & seeing the new Harry Potter movie in 3D for FREE.

Let the cooking adventures and crowd battling begin.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.


15 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

    • Thanks. While writing the post and linking things to Best Buy I actually found the items I was going to head out for & wait inline to get at the sale price online. Needless to say, I bought them up. In good tradition though, I will be heading out to see the Black Friday madness throughout town.

      I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving as well :)

  1. If apples are organic I have learned to leave the peels on. I would still wash them very well. The peels add chewy consistency, and vitamins! My food philosophy: keep tradition but alter for health. It’s a queasy balance.

  2. Yuck! Warm, chewy apple sauce does not sound so good. I was thinking a less liquid pie and smaller apple chunks so it can be eaten not slurped! But, yes, we learn and happy pie baking in the future!

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