The Truth – it’s a SCAM

If you are located in the United States, Canada, Australia or a few other places you may have been approached by a sales person “promoting” a product “from NASCAR” called FW1.

Typically they have stands set up outside of franchised gas stations and then spend their day approaching customers pumping gas about buying their product, FW1.  They are out there “promotingFW1, a “waterless wash and wax sponsored by NASCAR,” and they will tell you about how easy it is to use, how all racers use it at the track, unless they are “contractually obligated” to another company.

If you watch the demo & listen to the sepal – the stuff is pretty cool & you see it “work.” However, as many things are, it is never as good as it seems.

In the four years I was in college I held a lot of jobs, I was a barista, a program specialist assistant, a manager, a cashier, a bartender and such forth. After college I wanted a job where I could put my communication skills to work, so when a job at a company called Clearmind Events, a “marketing” company, came up, I jumped.

After round after round of unclear, poorly worded and confusing interviews, I had the job and no idea what the job was.

Come day one, I was that person that approached you at the gas station, needless to say my job choices had hit rock bottom and the Public Relations position discussed in the interviews (but never promised) was just bait to real me in.

Unless you are located in the Northern Virginia area, you have probably never heard of Clearmind Events, your local FW1 sales person works out of an office under a different name. In the end they are all companies working under Quantum.

Take this as a clear and fair warning – if you research Quantum Marketing, Clearmind Events, Fastwax, or FW1 you are directed to flashy or bulky, poorly worded, in-descriptive site.

The history and information about the products that I am providing you is from working for a Quantum company and using the products myself.

When you work for one of the companies the gladly provide you with the history, the background and well, the inside scoop. They encourage you to write it all down, soak it in, but never let you take your notes out of the building.

It is rumored that Quantum is owned by Larry Tanenbaum, the man who supposedly “invented” the Snuggie. Larry supposedly worked somewhere right out of college and learned selling points on which he thought he could sell anything. And as the story goes Larry could. One day Larry decided to step up his game and eventually sat down with some big wigs as Disney. The rumored story goes on to describe a battle between Disney’s confidences in Larry’s sales abilities. It is said that prior to these meetings Larry had never sold for any major company, just “inventionssmall town people had come up with. The rumor also says that Disney had tens of thousands of “books” they simply could not move. These books were Larry’s chance to have one of the largest supporters behind him.

Supposedly, Larry sold every last book Disney had sitting in warehouse storage somewhere for years in a minimal amount of time and suddenly Larry had a partnership with Disney that would take him to the top.

Which is where Quantum falls into place. Quantum is the “marketing” mad man behind a lot of what you interact with today and is rumored to be one of the largest scams.

If you have not ever been approached by an FW1 sales person, well then possibly it was the Direct TV sales person in Best Buy or the home remodeling rep in Home Depot. Maybe you have encountered the Chipio team, the D.A.R.E program, or the Smart Kid Card. All Quantum, all Larry.

In upcoming post I will be reviewing two of Quantum, Clearmind Events & Fastwax products – FW1 and CU4.

For now, I will simply tell you that the “scam” rumor that they don’t teach you inside of a Quantum office is most likely the one harboring some truth. For now, I will warn you that if you are approached about a job for one of these companies or making a purchase, run as fast as you can the other way.

The “amazing” thing about the company that usually pulls people in is this idea of opportunity and growth within. The pitch this pyramid style work place, you start at the bottom and work your way up – get more responsibilities, develop a team and see no real pay raise – they tell you that in a year or less, “you too can own your own company.”

Here is the breakdown of Clearmind Events. Clearmind Eventspromotes” both the FW1 products and the Chipio program, however the owner, Josh Ade does not use either of the products.

The receptionist is apparently one of the highest paid people in the company and decided to not become an owner herself because her fiancé is located near Clearmind Events office.

The recruiter says she once owned her own office, but had to step down because she wanted to spend time with her family… she now works two jobs to make the bills.

The assistant manager, while I was working there, not only had a criminal record, but also had a current drug case being produced against him.

The rest of the employees fall into one of three categories; a) they have some type of a criminal record and cannot get a job elsewhere, b) they are just to incompetent to obtain a job elsewhere or c) they are gullible (I was the third).

At Clearmind Events you make commission, you work endless hours and, well your pay checks suck.

I would get to the office to start the day by 5 am, head out to my “event” and arrive by 7 am and would remain there until 3 pm or later. If I was lucky, I would get to head back to the office around 3:30 pm and then leave the office around 4:30 pm, however – if you had not hit the office sales goal, you were heading back out and at times not leaving the office to head home until 7 pm.

One week I worked well over 50 hours and made less than $200, even in my top producing week, where I ranked amongst the top 20 sellers in the company – I made less money than I did during a weekend serving.

You drive your own car. You are not reimbursed for gas, nor does anyone ever offer you gas money. There is a 90% chance that each day, you will be in the car with someone with a criminal record and you will have no idea what their past was. No one respects you and, well if you have any dignity, your too ashamed to tell the people you know about what you do.

Oh and as the cherry on top of it all, Clearmind Events is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Rumors say that at other offices, employees made well under the amount they were told they would make — I can attest to this. Rumors also state that these “charity” programs Quantum runs, such as D.A.R.E and Smart Kid Card, only donate about 5% of their earnings to the programs.

A Chipio sales rep stated it best though on, “The company [Quantum, Chipio, Fastwax, etc.] is run like a frat party where in as long as you stay drunk you don’t realize Larry Tanenbaum is living next to Kobe Bryant and you can’t pay your rent.”

In the product reviews I will dive into more of the scam of the products them self.

Update, November 02, 2012:

It has been brought to my attention that Clearmind Events in Manassas, VA has changed their name. The company is now functioning under the name NVA. While still run by the same person, Josh Ade,  it also appears that the new “company” has not taken the time to establish an actual web site.

While under a new name, NVA is functioning under the same means and has changed nothing but the name plate on their door. 

NVA, like Clearmind Events, is not credited by the Better Business Bureau and still operating at the 7000 Infantry Ridge, Manassas, VA location. NVA continues to bring in unsuspecting and hopeful job seekers  and according to a commenter who used to work for NVA , is now collecting a five dollar event fee from their employees.
As additional updates on NVA become available, they will be added to this post.
Please be smart and do you research before accepting any job, weather with NVA or another company.

158 thoughts on “The Truth – it’s a SCAM

    1. Vector Marketing was big around hear for awhile. I am a sucker for a job and went to an interview or two with them, if you can call it that. I was going to do it on the side over summer while working my other job, but two days into all of there attempted brain washing I realized what it was and never went back. At least there selling a decent product, or where here. I have found there knives in a few friends homes and they are really nice to use.

      1. Vector Mktng is Cutco- I made a ton of money. The product is unmatched, and if you think about it, its the same thing that MaryKay and Avon reps do- just with knives. Kirby-same thing; the reason so many people talk bad about all these companies is because they expect to make a killing the first few days.. it takes time. It also takes a certain type of person to be able to make a commission job work to your advantage. I miss the money that I made while on commission with all of the above companies. Why didnt I stay you ask? Because I joined the military, I have a family of 5 young boys, and I was unable to keep up with the clients I had obtained. I wish I was stil able to. But the reality of it is that it doesn’t fit with my current situation.

    2. I always got paid in CA when I worked with them. Made tons. left due to military.. otherwise I would still be there I am sure

  1. i worked at the one in Manassas, that was the only office. They are excellent at brainwashing and spend most of the time convincing you its not a scam. However, if you look at the books you realize that things aren’t lining up properly. They don’t pay you correctly, and thats part of the game. Looks like someone with a drug record and on probation for a felony is going to be running his own office soon too.

    1. Over by the Cracker Barrel right? I actually worked at that one too. Just about every day I would walk in and tell myself, “this looks like a scam… but its not, because then you wouldn’t be doing it.” Then one week I was top producer for the company… my paycheck was less then it had been after a 40 hour week anywhere else and I had just put in over 50 hours there. I want to do another piece on the interview process and day-to-day work/office environment at Clearmind Events, if you have anything you would like me to include can you please email it to me at Thanks.

    2. I have worked with one of the branches. We pay our people, we do paid training, and the team we have comes in smiling every day. We do NOT hire anyone with a felony charge and even some misdemeanors are not able to be hired. Our people are a family, and when they stay- they stay for life… I am sorry for your bad experiences, but I am glad to be able to say there are good people that are trying to turn the entire business around.. hopefully it will effect every office!!

  2. Thank you so much for this info!! Was about to have my “secondary” interview in Manassas today…was told over the phone that I should wear flats and not heels. Thought this was very odd and did some more research online….thank goodness I did.

    1. Be so glad you didn’t go. They would have sent you out to some gas station, mine was an hour away from the Manassas office, to spend a few hours with a sales rep on the job. The sales rep’s job is to convince you that the job is worth it and you make more then enough money. The catch is, while the sales rep knows they are lying to you, they need you because eventually you will make them more money. It is a prymid company and if you are at the bottom your screwed. It might not be to bad it practices weren’t shady, co-workers weren’t sketchy & if the product didn’t ruin your car.

      Good luck in your job hunt, I hope you find something great.

  3. you worked there for like 3 weeks what the are you talking about . how come we have a guy that stated ther 8 moths ago and is now bout to run his owen company. what does it matter if somone has a backround they do a demo for ppl if they want it. its up to them to get it. U know your the dumb ass that had time to write bout clearmind event

    1. I worked for Austin Events in Austin TX for 3 months and average 300 in sales everyday recruited 2 people on my own team and never became a lead every time I approached the subject my owner kept giving me excuses that I needed to do more and when I accomplished his goals he would just give me more instead of my pay raise I deserved for making him money and recurting new employees.

      1. Wow I’m so glad I saw this. Got a call for an interview with Austin Events and there was something that just didn’t seem right about their website, I’m glad I googeld this!

    2. That guy doesn’t run his own company he just manages an office for the pyramid. They say you can own your own company but you never own it. Owning your own bussiness you can sell it and etc..if you fail they just put someone else in your spot to run the office

    3. First of all use correct English and correct your spelling. Second of all I worked there for 7 months so I do know what I am talking about. It is a pyramid scheme plain and simple. They will tell you and break it down to you that it isn’t but look up the definition

  4. Glad I found this site confirming my intuition… I was supposed to go to an interview this morning which I ended up cancelling because the whole thing just sounded a bit too good to be true. Being approached for a marketing director job in response to posting my resume on seemed odd enough and when they said pay was hourly I started getting a bit suspicious. I probed them a bit further and asked if it’s OK that I’m here on a work visa as that is something very few companies will consider unless you have connections or fit the job perfectly and of course the answer was yes. Needing a new job it always feels bad to cancel interviews but so far my gut feeling has been very reliable, anyone asking for an in-person interview without a phone screening as well as companies that just sound too eager are usually a scam or insurance company looking for “independent” reps.

    1. I am so glad you didn’t go to the interview, looking back on it I feel so dumb for not seeing the scam right up front. I am glad you found what I wrote to be useful. I wish you the best of luck on your job hunt.

  5. Wow, I was just browsing the net and found this review. I worked for 8 months for Clearmind Events. Heather couldn’t be more RIGHT. It is a scam and you do struggle to pay your bills no matter how much you sell. I even worked with Heather one day. It’s Andy, what are you doin now?

    1. Hey Andy, thats for the comment :) crazy the things you can find on the internet right? ha. I just had to put that out there, had someone layed it on like that to me, well I wouldnt have spent the time there that I did.

      I am actually working in Corp. HR now in Arlington – it’s nice to be able to pay the bills again, haha. How about you what are you up to now?

      1. Well I would have told you strait but I suppose I was a bit brainwashed. I held onto the idea I would get to run my own business and get rich. I consider myself a smart person, but that was pretty stupid of me lol.

        I work for Jerry’s Chevy in Leesburg now. I make $500 a week plus commission. So even if I don’t sell a single car I still make more than Clearminds.

        I’m glad you are trying to expose Josh for who he really is. If you read the other reviews on other sites you see that they are the same word for word and OBVIOUSLY posted by Clearminds themselves.

        Are you still working on your other Clearmind Events piece? I’d love to contribute!!!

  6. ya im glad im not the only one that feels this way i worked for the sacramento office in cali and busted my ass for 60+ hours a week made it to leader and had a crew and when you hire someone you pay for there first 3 days on the job so if you recruit 2 people it can cost you 300 dollars that you might not even make. the fast wax companies are jokes you cant ever make good money because when you do it will be there chance to pounce and take it. i made a 900 dollar pay check for one week and it dwindled down to 86 bucks after gas fee and retrain fee and event fee and whatever else they wanted to say they were taking my money for.

    1. That sounds like a worse experience then mine. It is a shame that people can get away with doing that. Did you happen to work for that chick out in Cali that is supposedly huge within the company? Thanks for stopping by.

    2. It’s important to mention that this company – specifically the one in Sacramento – scams customers too. I had an awful experience with them.They were at a gas station in my town and I agreed to purchase some product. A vastly larger amount of money was charged on my card than I agreed to pay. I was in contact with three individuals with the company over the span of a week and a half trying to get the overcharged portion back. If it’s not credited to my account within two days, I’m contacting the California Attorney General’s office and reporting this company for their unseemly and probably illegal business activities.

      1. I am sorry to hear about the experince you had, but thank you for sharing your story here. I hope that you are able to recover every penny of the overcharged amount. I would liove if you can share the outcome of this by either commenting or emailing me directly at I would like to put together another post on this and input from those on the customer side would be of great assistance.

        I wish you the best of luck in you battle & hope that you have a wonderful holiday season.

  7. So I applied and went into an interview with them today.. I personally LOVE the FW1 product simply because If i get off of work late, I can quickly spray down my car and quickly wipe it off and make it sparkle and proud to drive it into the arena.. But my question is about the pay.. I had a 3 minute interview and asked to come back tomorrow, but there was also like 30 other girls who were being interviewed.. And like you said, they recommended me to bring a note pad and take notes.. But will I really make so little money a week with this company? Granted I adore the product and use it often, BUTTTT, Is it really as bad as it seems? Owh, And why do they NOT let you take notes outside of the building??

    1. Ah I hate to be the one to do this and… well “burst your bubble,” but it really is that bad.

      I have worked a lot of jobs, jobs that I couldn’t stand with managers I didn’t like for pay that just was not up to par and this one was by far the worst.

      The “companies” turn over rate is outrageous, almost every day that I was there they were hiring new people to replace the people who had quit. As you saw they interview a lot of people, they interview anyone and everyone and they keep everyone fooled until you come in for day one of work. Even after day one the team experience and the excitement is enough to win you over and get you excited too. Little do you know, but the people who have been there a while are only pretending to be excited and are secretly looking for a way out.

      I never hated driving to work every day as much as I did when I worked with Clearmind Events and I never despised the end of the day so much just because I knew the next day I had to wake up and do it all over again.

      Tomorrow you will drive out to Manassas, you will meet the nice receptionist who will tell you that you are going to an “event.” She will then hand you directions and ask about you having a GPS, she will tell you who you will be meeting, hand you a sheet of paper with questions on it and send you on your way. You will program your GPS to take you to some gas station, it maybe close by, it may not – when I went it took 30-45 minutes to arrive to the location – you will meet with someone who has been doing the job for a week, possibly longer, who will interview you and show you what the job is like. They will say all great things about the job, even when you ask about pay, expect to hear something like, “do you really think I would be doing this if I didn’t make money?” or tell you that they do not know just what level you will be hired on at so they can not tell you what your pay would be. They will tell you how great it is just hanging out outside promoting FW1 and ask you to tell them about your self. They will ask you different questions, which they are looking for specific answers to, like what is the benefit to the way we do our promotions?

      Who ever you met at some gas station and hung out with for a few hours will then decide if you get to go on to the third round interview. If you make it to round three, which you most likely will unless you walk away at the gas station – which would not be a terrible idea – will either be with the “hiring manager” or the owner, Josh, himself. They will ask you what you thought and go over the pyramid style company they are. Even if you ask about the pay or getting an hourly rate they wont give you a straight forward answer. The third round interview is to see how peaked your interest is.

      You will leave and when the person you talked to at the gas station returns to the office after selling their share of FW1, they discuss you as a candidate and that night you should receive a phone call from the person at the gas station telling you if you got the job or not.

      Day 01, assuming you take the job, you will show up, be given a shirt and a patch. Some nice guy might offer to iron your patch on for you. You will be handed a folder/notebook and be matched up to begin your training. You’ll begin going over the 8 steps/rules they go by and through out the week you will be quizzed on these. You will have a team meeting where the “teams” and “events” for the day are announced and you will head out with a “veteran” seller.

      There was one week I drove from Manassas to Winchester all but one day of the week, never once being offered gas money or being reimbursed for it in my pay check. You will bust your ass to sell to the same people who hear your pitch once every couple of months. Your pay checks will be hit with mysterious fees – credit cards that would not run, “missing items,” or whatever they can think of – you will be offered no benefits and for each can of FW1 you sell you will make a max of about $2.13, which is more then they say Josh, the owner, actually pays for the stuff.

      If you have a week or two that you can handle the financial hit and want to, by all means give it a try. But I can honestly tell you I would not wish that job on my worst enemy.

      If you are a recent college, or even high school grad, you can do much better then this job and owe it to yourself to do something not only more rewarding but also more profitable. If your in a bind and want to make decent money and have the personality, look into serving when I served I made more money then I ever did working at Clearmind Events, including the week I was top seller in the company.

      I am going to sent this to the email address you have listed here too, just to ensure you get this message.

      The best of luck to you in whatever you chose to do.

      1. hey little girl, why don’t you worry about the position you have now and not about the position you had before – clearly you weren’t cut out for that business – just because you couldn’t make it to the top and you’re a little HR secretary now doesn’t mean other people won’t succeed at this business…. you’re that person that has to have everything fall into her lap and when she doesn’t get her way she spews out a bunch of nonsense…. give it a rest and shut your yap – you worked there for a few weeks, how does that even make you a reliable resource…? It doesn’t. you’re irrelevant.

      2. First of all I did make it to the top, top sales for the company, and I can tell you it was not worth it. Second, I am not a “little HR secretary” now, so it would be nice if you can get your facts straight before getting so defensive. Finally, if it is not a scam, everything is on the books and valid, I welcome you to present facts rather then attempting to state that I have just published a bunch of lies.

  8. Thank you. I appreciate you responding so quickly.. I was seriously considering going back tomorrow. Granted I made chump change at my last serving job, at least the hourly $2.13 was promised.. That sounds like a crap job. I know the guy was saying they were hiring for an entry level management position, but it sounds like they were offering that to anyone and everyone, just to get them in the door. But thats ridiculous, especially if there “veteran” sellers are essentially as new as I would be… Nonetheless, thanks a ton. I really do appreciate it.

  9. Okay. I had an interview with these people last week. I decided to look them up and I saw this blog. So I took the time to read everything you have posted about Clear Mind Events. and to be quite honest with you, I think you are making it out to be something it’s not. I mean, if you didn’t make any money there, then obviously you didn’t work hard enough. OR… flat out, you weren’t a good enough sales person. Commission means YOU GET WHAT YOU WORK FOR. and no matter how many hours you put in, you’re going to get paid for what YOU worked for. People these days don’t really understand and comprehend HARD WORK anymore. In my opinion..Yeah, you have to give up a little, but to eventually make more… makes it all worth it.

    And as I was informed, they run background checks on everybody. So you don’t “have a 90% chance each day that you will be in the car with someone with a criminal record” See what I’m saying? You’re making it seem worse than it is.

    I suggest to people who read this actually take the time to see what this is for themselves. People just get mad/scared working on commission because they are lazy or just not any good at it. and that’s okay. not everybody is, but that doesn’t mean you bash a company that’s trying to survive in this horrible economy.You may be trying to “help” others make a decision, and you know what? You do have freedom of speech, that’s one of the many pleasant things about America. But, you are also deterring and scaring off a lot of people who actually might be good at it.

    1. They actually just started background checking about two weeks prior to this being posted. I sat on the couch in the front room next to one of their “top sellers” who had a record when they asked us to complete them. He look at the receptionist and asked if it meant he was out of a job, because any where else it would. She looked back at him, smiled and said something about how it was just a formality.

      I agree the value of hard labor is gone, but I can tell you that I worked hard every day, “dropping port” and out selling the rest of the office one week. As rewards as knowing you worked hard at the end of the day is, all that hard work to sell an iffy product and not be able to pay bills is just not worth it to me. I much rather invest my time, efforts and energy into something that is not only productive and rewards, but also allows me to pay all of my bills. And I do apologize about the delay in response, I have been busy working hard at a more rewarding job.

      I wish you the best of luck with your future.

      1. I worked for this company and I can say that I too was fooled. I was one of the top producers in this company and madethe Executive List nearly every week. But my pay sucked. I was one of the best in the country and I can tell you that my paychecks still sucked. Its not about being compensated for hardwork. its about profitting off of the youth that work 70+ hours a week while you sit in an air-conditioned office. The manager can change commission percentages based on how the office in performing so that they can maintain their paycheck. I have seen it happen. So to that guy, I have documented proof. This job was a waste of time.
        And for the record, I was promoted twice and had a top selling team and never did I once receive a raise. So again, tell me about being compensated for hard work. I do have to disagree with the product not working though. I actually love the way that it works with little effort. Other than that, ITS A SCAM.

      2. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience. It’s always nice to you you’re not the only one that feels that way.

        In regards to the product, I would be careful. The “practice” spot that was used on my car has lost the clear coat that was on it and the paint is beginning to dull and I do not recommend using the stain remover as all it did to my seats was spread the stain out. I will admit that the FW1 works magic on the outside of the windshield and isn’t to shabby on windows/mirrors around the house.

        Thanks again for stopping by, I hope you two have moved on to bigger and better things.

  10. hahaha ! just because you suck at the job and couldn’t make sell does not mean it a scam ! it’s not a scam you aren’t buying the product and hoping you can sell it, You sell it ! ha you most likely never sold that’s why you got a low paycheck ! you’re a joke..

    1. I my friend, did not suck at the job. It is clear you did not read everything written, or even all the comments on this page. I sold and I sold quite “a lot,” but when the owner is making about a 90% profit on everything sold, the money you earn for the hard work you put in just is not worth it. I wish you the best of luck if you are working with the company, or a simular one, and truely believe you will make it big. I wish you luck paying your rent, your bills, the gas for your car and putting food on the table. Perhapse you don’t have those responsiblities yet, and I suppose if that is the case, working this type of job is a perfectly acceptable way to wast 50 hours a week. But do know, if you read through the comments, someone of the “almost owners” that made the big bucks when I was there have come forward confirming that yes, this is a scam.

      1. Didnt suck at the sales dude. Truthfully, my paychecks werent bad, but to work 72 hours a week and still have to pay travel expenses wasnt cutting it. I lived far from the office, and at least an hour away from the event. I was filling my tank every two days. That was nearly $250+ a week, before i even got a check. So the pay sucked because of such. And I was a top salesman and producer in the entire nation. So being top ten doesnt mean i couldnt sale. And with a name like deeznuts, I cant expect to get a mature response from you anyway.

      2. Mr Right – I appreciate you stopping by to comment again and share more of your experince. We just need to remember that some people just need to learn on their own, even if it is the hard way. I didn’t spend nearly as much on gas, but it was up there and a desent portion of my pay check went to it each week. It was quite the change from my last job where I busted my butt every day and made about $600 a week to bust my butt all week and make pennies. I wish you the best in all you strive for in the future.

      3. The owner doesn’t make 90%. the commissions are split between the rep and the owner, get your facts straight. you probably sold hardly anything. a good sales person, like myself makes over $200 a day. that’s more money than you’re making! have fun working the next 40 years of your life.

      4. Again, until I see this on the books and proof, I am not going to believe it. Nor does it makes sense as to why top sales people in the company I worked at couldn’t afford to pay for their own gas for their piece of junk cars. At $200 a day, which by the way is comparable to what I am making, you would think the assistant manager would be able to drive a car comparable to the owners. Once I see pay stubs that include after tax amounts of $200 a day, I don’t believe it.

      5. i used to think that it was a scam but guess where i am now. im in pennsylvania training to pick up a new campaign verizon fios door to door in order to take it back to my office where i am only a leader so that I can train new people at the massachusettes office. ive only been in the company for three months and I’m a leader I come in early every day leave late every day because its what everyone in a higher position is doing and it gives me time to learn everything I need to know in order to grow and get to where they are when it comes to ths business attitude is 100% and you obviously don’t have the right attidtude or drive to make it in this field of business my first day alone door to door on the mean streets of camden i nj I signed up one person for fios triple play had them sign their contracts and scheduled install and made 120 for 5 hours of work now do the math I had three other customers who didn’t pass credit how much would that day be worth if they had its already above minimum wage those three customers had they passed credit would have earned me an additional 360 dollars in ttotal 480 that right there is already above the 40 hour minimum wage for massachusetts and I could have made it in 5 hours sonds good right

  11. I was given an interview by a company called Talent LA Inc; they told me that I would be an assistant manager helping to set up events. It turned out that they sent me to a gas station in San Pedro, and UGLY part of LA, to sell fw1 Car Wax. I was very upset about this for a long time; they lied their asses off to me. Please don’t get taken in by these marketing scammers.

    1. I am glad you got out of everything while you could and appreicate you stopping by and sharing your story. I wish you the best in your future and hope that this experince lead you on to the path to better things.

    2. how is it a scam dude? it’s a form of direct marketing and guess what more and more companies are taking to that type of marketing and you know why? because it’s way for affective in generating company revenue. being a sales person isn’t a scam – it’s showing a product and creating brand recognition for the clients – or are you saying every commericial, billboard, tv, ad, print is also a scam. NO, it’s a way to increase revenue all around. if sales are your thing, that’s fine – then don’t be a sales rep – it’s a waste of your time to bash companies which are owned by young entrepreneurs. if anything these small businesses are providing more jobs for americans. you’re welcome.

      1. Yes, it is a form of direct marketing, but the financial side of it is a scam and not to mention the products them self, FW1 and its counterparts, do not do what they say they will and can cause damage to your car.

        If you want to be a sales person that is fine, that is a valid career and good sales people can make good money doing it. But you are not being paid for working hard or what you sell. The mark up on the product sold is insane. The owner of the company I was with told us once why they let you take the product out of the office without paying for it, it is because it cost them nothing to get. That and the fact that if you do not bring it back, or bring back cash value for it, then you will be paying for it. A can that cost the owner a dollar to buy was sold for at least ten, if not more. The sales person got a commission cut, in the office I was at I believe it was of 30%, or three dollars on every can sold. The remaining 70%? Well if you were on a team, with a team leader – three levels up I believe – then 10% went to them (or one dollar) and the remaining 60% (or six dollars) went to the owner. I am pretty sure you, well you especially since you say you make so much each day, could make more money selling a different product, like cars for example.

        I also have nothing against small, young entrepreneurs, though that may be the problem. I watched the owner recruit money hungry young men and women along with eye candy to complete his staff. His staff, rotated every few days or weeks. People that had been there for a long time, where there to try and keep an income coming in, while they searched for a real job and most of them were ashamed to tell people what they did.

        The small business in Mannassa, Va did provide jobs to a lot of people, and in doing so, they also caused a lot of young people to spend more money than they could afford and miss opportunities for something better. I just hope that where you are is very different.

      2. Most legit products are sold online or at retailers these days. If this car wax is so amazing, why isn’t it on shelves at auto parts stores? Paying for labor is quite expensive, when there are plenty of other ways to sell a product like car wax for much cheaper. I got roped into one of these about 7 years ago in Denver.

  12. The guy running my branch has a pretty big heart, a good person. Our office is doing well from what I can tell, but this is only my second week working. I was promised I would make $400-$600 a week, I’m doing well in sales, but I can’t work for very long due to family. However the manager is fine with my availability. Don’t get me wrong, I am very aware of the pyramid effect going on, but if I’m getting $400 a WEEK, then we’ll see… wish me luck! (btw I’ve been sexually harassed four times in the one week I started working here by customers in gas station parking lots…. women be on your guard and don’t ever go to an event alone. I was even physically handled by a man, a drunk man.. careful ladies)

    1. My owner was pretty kool too. And Im glad you are doing well mam. Just be careful and take heed to what you see, not what they tell you.

      1. I worked for unite marketing in Australia and it is exactly the same here! Was a top selling sales person on the office for 7 months and kept getting told it will work and the big dollars are around the corner while my personal finance was going into disarray! I am kicking myself that I didn’t leave much early than I did and fell into the scam!
        The banner it all flys under here in aus is appco group, is it the same in the states??

      2. Trent, I hope you have found something better since. I am not positive on the banner it is under her in the US, I am sure they told us, but with not being allowed to bring any training materials outside the office, the notebook I wrote the information down in is was left in their office when I left.

    2. I have to agree with Mr. Right, Be extremely careful in all of it. I know when I worked for the company they would sent me to an event over an hour away with someone I didn’t feel comfortable with. Keep in mind that it is above all else, most important that you keep yourself safe, physically, mentally and financially.

  13. Great article! I just want to mention that they changed their name to NVA (probably because of all the bad rap surrounding the old name) but they are still in Manassas over by the Cracker Barrel. They have a fb page: If you google NVA nothing bad comes up but I notice they have the same address as Clearmind Events (among other similarities). Hopefully this will help!

  14. I love the company! I’ve had the opportunity to move around the country – live in 3 different states – travel a ton – learn a lot about training, developing, and being a mentor all across the country for different clients! It’s a great opportunity for those entrepreneur-minded individuals! You have to be willing to work really hard to find the success that you want! Afterall Bill Gates lived in his grandmothers basement for 6 years before he got on his feet! You have to do what others aren’t willing to do so that you can have what others can’t afford. :) The idea of the business model is simple – don’t over complicate it. The business isn’t a scam – if it were I wouldn’t be in it, and unlike a lot of those who post on this site….you’ve given the business maybe two or three weeks, I’ve given it a year and I’m a manager. So take the advice from a seasoned pro not individuals who have dipped their feet into the opportunity and jumped out of the water before they really got to know the business.

    1. Once again, I welcome your proof of success over just your words which seem to come in bitter, angry, childish terms and excited, cheerful and encouraging terms.

    2. I worked for the company for months and not weeks. I have a degree and have owned my own business for years. I’ve made $50K plus since I was 19. You being a manager doesn’t make you more equipped to give insight for this company because you as an employee are indebted to them. SmartCircle forces employees to work nearly 72 hours a week which is against labor laws and you help promote that in different states. therefore, you are damaging/ abusing the youth NOT GUIDING THEM. Again the office I worked for was #3, for the entire year running right under the Canada and LA office. I was the top salesman there. So i seriously doubt your capabilities were better than mine. But i work three weeks in 100+ degree weather and convinced other people it was worth it. That is not a leader/ manager. And in actuality, the percentage of people that go to own an office is slim to none. If you have so much faith in your office, please give me the name and location. I will contact the BBB and have them investigate the operation of your business, and I promise you it will be shut down. Thats the reason for the consistent name changes of ALL the FW1 businesses because of scamming reports.

    3. “Bill gates lived in his grandmothers basement” is that supposed to make us think his family were poor, look them up. Where do you get this nonense?

  15. I just left “Clearmind Events” which is now “NVA” or Northern Virginia Advertising. To set the record I went to the top leaders meeting and to Florida to help launch the office down there that Travis inherited from a corrupt manager that stole credit card info and merchandise. The biggest paycheck I made was maybe $600, and I had to work my ass off to do that. Most of my work days lasted at least 12 hours long. It made no sense why I had to be there that long. I also hated the fact that I had to pay $5 outta my pocket every day to work. This is assessed as an EC(event cost). If Josh pays for the event for the week, then why do I have to pay him to work… Doesn’t make sense. The retention rate is horrible, and yes… most of the people that work there are avid drug users, and a few are felons that only work there because the were “Grandfathered” in. I suggest that people don’t EVER work there or use the product. My headlights are permanently messed up from them doing demos on them every morning. Please heed the warning from all of us and just “Say No”. Oh, and Josh is probably the biggest scam artist of them all.. Shame on you sir for leading these poor people to poverty and ill success. When you have to change your BUSINESSES name because of your nasty reputation, there is obviously something wrong with the way you conduct business.

    1. Travis got an office? In a way I am happy for him because he is good, but at the same time I am sad that it has he has allowed the company to expand its reach. The $5 must be something new Josh is doing, he did not have that policy then. Do you still know if he has one person planning his events? He offered me that position; I turned it down because the pay was minuscule.

      I am sorry to hear about your car. I have a spot on my car that was also demoed every morning, where the paint has been removed. After I left, I thought I would give the stain remover a try and see if it was really as good as it was pitched to be. It made each stain in my car bigger and darker, I was so upset. My car is not anything to brag about, but thanks to the FW1 products it isn’t something to really be proud about either.

      I hope that you have found something better and wish you the best of luck in everything you do in the future. I think working there was a painful lesson, but it opens eyes for sure.

      1. Although Travis got an office he has followed in suit of Josh, and will hire any unsuspecting kid or criminal. It’s kinda sad. Josh has Faith doing his dirty work when it comes to booking “events” and recruiting for the company. I have a job that is making me about 4 times as much as I was making there…. And I have benefits as well. I guess I was desperate for a job, and that is why I took the job at Clearmind AKA: NVA. I just hope that a few people try to research the company before they go in for an interview and find this BLOG. I’ve tried to research NVA but nothing pulls up on GOOGLE. I know they have a FB page tho. Can you find a review page or anything on them?

      2. I will update this post to include the new name and see what else I can find out. Thanks again for stopping by and providing the update. I am glad you have found something better, while it was a terrible experience working there, I like to believe it lead us both to greater and better things.

  16. they are here in Fresno CA they post an ad on craigslist . thanks for this post they use the same methodology described above.

    1. I am glad my post could be of assistance. Her in Northern VA that post job postings on ever career site you can find. I wish you the best of luck in your job search.

  17. I definitely agree with you. I worked for one called Limestone Marketing in Canada as well. Same thing, Chipio and Fast Wax. The Fast wax is awesome! I definitely love the product, it works wonders, and I found it very easy to sell. The job itself definitely a scam. I have tried numerous similar jobs like Party Lite, ACN, Primerica… all the same bullshit. Only the top 1% (maybe) make any real money, while most barely scrape by, and then you get stuck so you can’t leave cause you cannot afford to. It’s a brutal system. Some of the offices in Canada I guess offer $400 minimum a week as a guarantee, but no taxes or deductions taken off your pay, still ends up far less than just working at McD’s or another minimum wage type job. If you stay there a while you also will get fucked come tax time, when you find out you owe a few thousand dollars in income tax. It’s by far the worst company I have ever worked for, and apparently quite a few people took the company to the labour board, and were successful. From what I understand the company now changed it’s name, as is still luring gullible people into it’s money sucking grip. I spent more then I made on the products and travel expense, should have never taken that job, I really fucked over my life as a result. But live and learn, I am quite successful now, and loving it.

    Definitely a scan though for the employee, the products I think are mostly okay though. The FW1 wax is a good product, charities and other stuff is complete bullshit, highly over priced. The wax buy it from the website or get it at Costco, you will get it online or at Costco for cheaper then what they sell it at the stations.

    1. Glad you have moved on to bigger and better things, I like to think that this lull in our lives only lead us to even better things. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your story.

  18. Heather there a literally THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS who have gone through what you have, but are too ashamed to post anything. I worked in an office similar to the one you worked at. The boss I always thought was lying to me, always thought was trying to brainwash me. I swear the only time I really talked to her was when she thought I was going to quit. There was even many times where I was the only person who had a vehicle. The TOP seller in our office managed to get himself a car, he was there for a think 9 months or so, he made alright money to be honest. About 800 a week, but what they do not tell you is he worked normally about 75 hours a week, paid for gas and most of our events were about an hour away because all the local events were “burned” by former employees. The stories about these employers were horrible, absolutely TERRIBLE, so they would make you feel sorry for them, and not complain. As soon as someone quit, because of the frat party most of the office was like the rumours just escalated and ended up becoming a former HORRIBLE employee. I was there for about 6 months, and I am ashamed to even mention my name. Not because I don’t want the company to know, but because as a person who has an education and owns a business, I have never been more humiliated and ashamed with my choices. My friends, parents, and other family members warned me, and I just thought NEW BUSINESS I will be rich and prove them wrong! I stuck with that for quite a long time, until i realized even the top seller was making less then minimum wage based on the number of hours he worked. Even the assistant manager at the office only got 100 dollars a day for salary.. which is a JOKE! You can make more then that as a Walmart employer. It’s brutal but they guilt trip you into it, and spend most of the time convincing you that you are a great seller, you can do this, you have done this, you can again, that you can own your own office, and end up being a business owner in less then a year if you really try, where you make make thousands a month, maybe even a week in very little time. Then they give you examples of people who have done it, such as the current owner…. LMFAO JOKE! That current owner has now lost almost all of her employees, they all moved on to better things, including some going to walmart at mcdonalds, she’s been taken to the labour board, i believe changed the name, and no one ever liked her. Her fake crying though always made you apologize and go back to work. Now I work about half the number of hours, I make about double a week as my best weeks there, I still own a business, and I just started another franchise. The best thing that job gave me, was the customer sympathy and the constant job offers I got from the people I approached. I guess in the end it paid off rofl I now work at one of the job offers I got from a customer, and the franchise is also from another customer offer :P The job also made me more of an asshole :( Let’s just say most times I see any type of superior cry I can now laugh, or think it’s fake. Not very pleasant but it sometimes helps cause I don’t get used anymore, or walked all over. That was everyday of my life when I worked there.

    I am posting this because there is going to be people who will bash you, and say well you were just a bad salesperson, or you weren’t there long enough, or you’re stupid, or whatever excuse they decide to try. I was a leader in one of these companies, and you are completely right, I convinced them to join, I was lucky cause I owned another business so I had money, I had a nice car, so people believed I was making a lot, they just didn’t know it was coming from another business. Everyday I wanted to leave, but didn’t cause I wanted that business, everyday I lied to new hires and pretended to be happy so that I could expand my team. I felt like a dirty salesman to all new hires and new trainees. Worst experience I have ever had, and the worst job I have ever had as well. If I could go back in time, I would not have moved, I would have just stayed where I was and worked at Subway or something, or more then likely been less greedy and just worked for the current company I had, rather then trying to expand my bank accounts.

    Keep posting, and I hope people listen to you. Even if you prevent one person from ruining their personality, or dreading their daily lives, then you will still be helping. For those who think I’m just another disgruntled employee who never made enough sales, and didn’t stay long enough… well you are right! Except one day would have been too long. I also went to Dallas for being a top seller, and employee, I also made it in the Top of North America quite a few times, and am basing this also on the top leader of our business not just my own; yea he left too. He was usually within the top 5 of Canada. Best of luck to him if he reads this, he was a great guy and friend.

  19. gioiahm if you want some of the training material for your piece let me know. I have my books and some of the training packages still laying around. We were allowed to take it outside the office, and as I said I was a leader, so I have a lot of it still. Mostly from Chipio though, but it’s all the same in every line of business, and across North America from what I understand.

    1. Thank you for the comments. I am glad to hear that you were able to make a recovery after it all, some times it is so easy to get wrapped up in the big shinning picture at the end of the perfect story. It is a lot harder to realize that it is all a lie and good story telling.

      I would really like to do a better piece on it all and would welcome anything you may have. You can email things to, they may just be the push I need to finally revamp and expand on this piece.

      Thanks again for stopping by.

  20. Hey there, just became aware of your blog through Google, and found that it’s really informative. I’ll be grateful if you continue this in future. A lot of people will be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

  21. Have an interview set up for tomorrow morning at NVA. Will cancel due to your blog. Just back in town hoping to line up work for the holidays.Hate to pass any opportunity for employment as I fall into all 3 previously defined categories. But being lied to or having to lie to prospective customers or new hires disgusts me. Thanks for the information.

      1. Ty for your post ….almost fell for it to…they are new age investment. …here were I live

  22. OMG. I love Google. LOL I am sooooo glad I found this!! I was approached tonight by a few guys that work selling FW1 in Austin. They had their jackets with the logo on there and everything, so I listened to what they had to say. The guys were nice, but like everyone has already said, it sounded a little too good to be true. And they gave me the whole “You can work your way up really fast” bit. -_- I won’t worry about missing THAT call on Monday. Thanks for the info guys!!!!!!! I actually got excited about a new job… SMH. Don’t I feel STUPID.

  23. wow almost fell for it due to hunger, but knew it was too good to be true.figured i would do some research and found this. What really got me was the fiance thing, same situation here in ct. why do they all have fiances for secretaries?I understand the pyramid and robbery but why the love connection?

    1. haha, that my friend I do not know, possibly to keep all the funds with in their “company”? I wish you the best of luck with your job hunt – keep your head high and something great will head your direction in no time.

  24. I can see where you get your feelings. And the company isnt called quantum its called smart circle. Ive worked for smart circle for a year. Some offices are poorly run for the simple fact thats its not hard to get your own. You didnt make money because you sucked. That’s your fault. It was either your attitude toward what you were doing which is what it sounds like to me, your work ethic or you were awkward. Its not for everyone but in the field off my commission alone i made about $1000 a week. Because i didnt suck. Im an assist manager now i make about 1300/wk. Yes a week. If you dont believe me i can send you a pic of my year to date. They took me on an expense paid trip to puerto rico at a gorgeous resort in Nov. So dont blame smart circle blame yourself for not having what it took to generate your own income

    1. I will do some research on the Smart Circle bit, the branch I was out of was associated with Quantum at the time. Though, like their name, that may have changed.

      I also didn’t make money because they were selling in an oversaturated market and for an employer who took more of their associates pay statements. Possibly I just was faced with being in a poorly run office, but I am very curious about how many hours a week you work for you $1,000. And how much out of that $1,000 do you have to put towards gas and maintenance fees on your vehicle?

      Maybe you are right about the branches, but the fact that the assistant manager from the branch I was at sent me a message saying everything I wrote was correct and it was all a scam, tells me I am not full of shit.

      Feel free to send whatever documentation or additional details you want to I will review them and update this post to the best of my ability.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your story.

      1. I put about 60 hrs a week in. And they also pay me $10 a day for gas. 9/10 if you had a terrible experience you were in a poorly ran office. To my knowledge Josh Ade has stepped up his game recently and recieved an award in Puerto Rico. But im sure he learned a lot from you posting about your experience. The market also does matter, I went to one of our most saturated events and during a competition that my office threw up for a $600 bonus i spent 9 hrs at the event and sold $1105 worth of merch. Sales is a skill you have to work on. Its not like flipping pattys you can’t coast at all. Im just letting you know that articles such as this one is disrespectful to guys like myself making an honest living in our position. Jobs that pay $8/hr sound like the true scam to me.

  25. Yes i also worked in this unprofessional piece of shit fw1, the first day i got $1 although yes they say they are a legit company, they do have x con’s working there. a guy i was working had a drug case open. & yes it funny how they say your pay check could be this but they don’t tell u u don’t get paid by the hour they have been arrested overtime time for this scam & no they don’t have license to sell i do have a license to sell what ever i wont i wanted to tell them u know if u don’t have a llicense to sell u can go to jail i just wanted to show every one. DO NOT BY THIS SHIT ITS FUCKS UR Vehicle DO UR RESEARCH DON’T BY THIS SHIT.

    1. Yes you do get trouble for not having a license to sell. I also used to work at an office in South California. While I was at an “event” a cop came by and gave us a ticket because we individuals did not have a license to sell, but apparently our boss did. It was a total mess and we ended up having to leave with a ticket.

      I don’t think the office I was at was that much of a scam, as it seemed the people working there were content with what they were making. However, it does feel like a scam, they way they reel you in from the craigslist ads and chances to become a manager quickly.

      They did do background checks, but I’m not sure if they even cared if you were a criminal. Someone there told me they got their license taken away from having too many tickets or something? Seemed a bit sketchy to me.

      Anyways, I wasn’t there too long, and I’m glad I’m not there any longer. Wasn’t for me, although many people seemed content working there; could be the brainwashing.

  26. Word man thanks a lot for your research! Much love. Guess I’m not going in tomorrow just got the job today but I already knew what this was mostly all about and was gonna try n take it and run n do my own shit at the race track being a vendor. I still might But its going to be my way.

  27. Greetings from Australia, I currently am employed by fw1 and hahaha I’m looking at this post and am honestly nodding my head and smiling, have worked there around a week and definately noticed the dodgyness, especially cos the joint is run out of an old warehouse building hahah I’m going in tomorrow morning to confront the manager about spitting shit to me and tell him he can charge all he wants for the clothes but he won’t see a cent of it. If he wants to get pushy ill call immigration on him and see how many workers are legally working :) simple as that, I’ve already wasted over $100 in fuel and made $40 haha if I can ill grab a box of wax as a little reimbursement for my time and effort. Anyone who is working there, I don’t care how but get the fuck out of there ASAP! 100% SCAM!

  28. I worked for FW1 in Austin Texas at Austin Events and I agree with this man 210% the owner is Dana Sunlap and the majority of the people that I had worked with had criminal backgrounds but the owners don’t care as long as they have hustlers making them money. It’s all shady guys bought from their own table to look like they sold more they would do drugs on the site and buy or sell drugs or exchange drugs for the product. I remember having my best week where I made over 300 in sales every day for a week and barley got a 400 pay check. I could work work a 40 hour week making $10 an hour and still make that money. They always find a way to take a little cash away from you.

  29. Just because you sucked at it doesn’t mean the product or the system doesn’t work…it means you didn’t work the system right…don’t slander others to make yourself feel better about being a failure… and tell me one company that is not a Pyramid System. I’m sure the CEO of McDonald’s, Walmart, and Baby Phat make more the people slinging their products.

  30. Clearminds advertising is now under the assumed name of NVA. They are located on Infantry Ridge Road in Manassas, VA. They were trying to lure me there for a Human Resource Manager position. I decided to do some research because the phone conversation was a little sketchy and they were not very forthcoming with information. So glad I came across this site when I did, just sent an email canceling the interview. Obviously, a waste of time.

      1. Hey! Sorry to hear about your experience. I stopped working at the office I was in almost three years ago after being offered a “promotion” that was also under paid. Hops you found something better!

  31. the company changed name because he was hiding info like this from his employees. they are all scams, they suck the life out of their employees for a short time. he reason companies like this exist, is people are desperate for money and careers. you can make money in the beginning if you are good at sales. the problem comes when you are successful, you will be promoted. when you are promoted, the scam really begins. the hours triple, the workload is increased with the promise that you will be able to run your own business soon enough. the problem is that if you run your own company, you have to scratch and claw to just stay afloat. working with people that are uneducated, and for a lack of a better word, CRIMINALS. the business attracts people that are unable to find a decent paying job legitimately. you said your manager was a drug dealer? or user? they were probably getting high everyday at work, maybe drug deals being done in the workplace. I know this is the case, not just speculating…

  32. Thanks for the info, exactly I saw the post for this job on Craigslist in Chicago, And I got really excited, they hired me and starting in 2 days, they supposed to want me as Manager in 6 months ill be ready and making tons of money, I guess I’m not taking the job, thanks for the help

  33. Thank you for posting this. I’m glad i found it. I was just approached by one of these people. When i told them i couldn’t afford the product, we made small talk and i was offered a job. Thank you again.

  34. I worked for a FW1 branch recently. What others have said about these places being run and employing ex cons and unsuspecting 20 something year olds and it having a frat house culture are all true.

    But I felt lucky enough to have the job. I didn’t make much money in my short time there but I did have a few days where I made more than your average minimum wage job. It is a hustle, 100%, absolutely. To be good at this job you need to be able to converse with people. Joke around, get their attention, get your demo and pitch off, IMPULSE them to buy your stuff and you’ll be golden. You’re going to need to do this with as many people you can a day. Some people go small, buying only $20 worth of product. Some go big and buy $300 worth. That is the game. That is the business.

    And not just at the gas stations events either. I was told anyone with a pulse is a potential customer. Especially true in areas that have had these companies and events around for years on end because so many people already have it or hate it. Having a slow day? Run your ass down the block to the Target parking lot and pitch people there.

    Oddly I’ve seen it work.

    With that said, it requires a very specific mentality. Long hours on your feet(there are guys who will stay at an event for twelve hours, not including office time, not including commutes but actually actively pitching everyone they can for hours on end), in the sun, away from home. That’s how people make money in this business.

  35. I’m so glad I found this blog!!! There is a new branch of this company starting up in the Chicago suburbs and it’s called Chi-Town Connections located in Schaumburg!! My boyfriend actually had interview with them on Friday that he promptly cancelled after reading this! THANK YOU!!

    CTC doesn’t have a website, only a Facebook page that references FW1 Racing and “events”:

    The content on the Facebook page seems to be the exact same as what is posted for NVA and another company called “Florida marketing.” We couldn’t find anything on google about the company, but it seemed a bit scammy and it wasn’t until I googled “FW1 scam” that I found your blog! I’m so sorry you had to go through with this.

    It’s so ridiculous how they tried to lure him in for the interview. Before we found this blog, he told the woman from CTC who called him that he didn’t want to do customer service or sales! He is looking for an office job or something in logistics, and the woman said, “Completely understand, we have several open positions” – sounds like a complete lie to get him to come to an interview and sell him on the scam!!

    Now, it makes me wonder – they have to be violating some sort of solicitation and employment laws. Plus, what about the brands of these gas stations they set up at… it’s such a shady, horrible company that I can’t imagine any legitimate organization wanting to be affiliated wit hthem.

  36. I just got hired on for the columbia marketing and management group inc. of columbia, sc. The fast wax product seems very awesome, but i would like to know more about the company and hours….. IF YOU WORK IN THE COLUMBIA, SC BRANCH, FOR THE COMPANY (columbia marketing and management group inc.) AND BEEN EMPLOYED THERE FOR ATLEAST 6 MONTHS, PLEASE REPLY AND TELL ME ABOUT YOUR EXPEREINCE?? I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW BEFORE MONDAY!!!

  37. I also applied and got offered an interview for Chi-Town Connections “event/ promotional” company in Schaumburg. After getting home from my current job I tried looking into their company. Found no website as stated in the comment by Elissa and only found their facebook page. Which has only been up since March of 2013. I found that kind of odd but had went to the interview anyway. I went through with the first interview where they said they wanted me to “eventually become an office manager of my own location”. They also said I would probably reach management level within 4-5 months. They then asked if I could start right away but wanted me to do a second interview first. Where I had to drive to Schaumburg (which is 16 miles from my house) just to meet up with 2 people to just to turn around and drive out to Chicago Ridge which is 22 miles from my house but 34 miles from their Schaumburg location. I literally passed my house going out to the “event” aka promoting FW1 at a gas station to people trying to just get gas. Why wouldn’t they just have me meet them at the event instead? Keep in mind I also had to drive back the 22 miles to my home. Not ever saying my gas would be reimbursed or the tolls I had to pay along the way either. The girl that I went to the “event/ 2nd interview” with told me to call the what I assume to be the office manager Toy Christiansen is his name to let him know that she approved me of my second interview and to see what his final word on my hiring me would be. We talked and he wanted me to start ASAP. So, I came home was doing some research of the product that I would be “promoting” aka selling. And there is a website for FW1 and RGS Labs International (which I think is the makers of FW1 or just a product they sell.) Not sure which. The product did seem decent. But after reading this I’m glad I am making my decision to not even start a “career” with this company. Thank you for this info you just saved me what would have been a HUGE disaster for myself! I can already barely afford my rent, bills, resposibilities as is (hence why I am currently seeking a new job opportunity). This would have made it much, much harder for me! I am soooooo happy I found this posting before I was going to quit my current job on Monday!!!!

  38. Just returned from an interview with NVA where I met with Josh…..I asked some very basic questions. I was concerned about job security, pay, type of hours I can expect to work and the type of work I would be doing. I clearly told him upfront that Sales is not something I am comfortable doing ESP when it is all commission based. He told me that he ” understood and agreed”….but from the research I have done post interview…that’s exactly what their payment plan was like. He told me that in 6-7 months I can expect to become a manager and make 2-3 K a WEEK( that didnt sound right to me), and also told me that I can expect to make 500 minimum to around 800 a week. From the research , that clearly all BS. He was beating around the bush when answering my questions and even went off on tangents about all sorts of crap…..I never pressed him though, I just took notes and went along for the ride. After getting home, I spoke to my wife and did some research. Well…as you can guess the rest is history. I sent them an e-mail notifying them that I will not be returning tmrw for my day out on the job with my prospective team leader. I received a call , that I let go to voicemail after recognizing their number, in which josh was trying to convince me to come in. No thank you. It is sad though….In my opinion they can run whatever business they want , I don’t care. JUST BE HONEST BRO….Im in real need of a job..and being paraded around and sold a dream is not cool. Hope this helps. Thanks for you great work OOGIO. I live in Centreville….if I ever run into you im giving you a hug ! Lol. Peace

  39. I work for the la office i am a leader curtently .building my team, i love the oppurtunity side of the business being is ive seen 4 people do it.. The reason people are complaining aboug the business is not legit is because they j dont have a a good student mentallity they think they know everything and judged everyday by the first hour.. People see failure to the left t and success to the right when they are close to failure they run back to the middle when in reality you have to go through failure to be succesfull… Yeah the job isnt for everybody which is why theres so much oppurtinity the people that are at the top are the people that started at entry level.. Exact comparison with any other business in the world who are the people that are going to step up and take it .. Probably not the guy born with the silver spoon in his mouth .. And the people who are bashing the business pdobably were shady not accountable or just not cut out cor this type of sork but yhats fine theres plenty of fish in the sea .. Laws of average baby .

  40. For all you people commenting that is a scam i just want to let you know unless you are part of the company , you dont know shit. so all of you lazy ass bumb can keep your mouth shut. because i use it myself. stop being a hater because u couldnt handle the hard work that we do.

    1. So angry and someone else’s failures. Well, that makes it seems so LEGITIMATE. Tell me the name of your office and I will Google its good tithings and apologize post. Before you do, make sure its BBB accredited and recognized with regional awards. If you want post the name.of your company and owner PLEASE DONT RESPOND because you will just prove my point.
      P.S. Im not a lazy bumb. I have a degree and a great career, and I always work hard. I just dont set up tables outside of random gas stations. Because some people are meant to work hard, smarter people just find more effeciency. #JUICE to that right??

  41. hmm i dont know what you guys gone through, but from my personal exprience from working there couple months, it was far the highest paying job ive ever had as a student. (in canada) (My average paycheck would be a grand a week, sometimes up to $1400. Top dogs made more) nice people, and respectable boss. you guys just didn’t make money because you guys sucked at sales. and whoever keeps arguing that this is a pyramid scheme, name one fckin company that isn’t in capitalism society. It was an awesome experience for me at least.

    1. Because you make money does not mean it isnt a scheme. I made money too at times and was a Top Producer but remember you only invested a couple of months. You didnt work their with hopes of getting an office and finding out you dont really own it. So to you sir, think about what you initially wrote (good experience for YOU). Oh and just to name a couple of companies that arent pyramid schemes since you seem so educated of the struture: ClubCorp, Bank Of America, General Motors, ReMax Realtors, Coca Cola, MGM. Now that we have the facts out there, you stay blessed and educated now. #JUICE

  42. Im working for them right now !! Just started 3 days ago.
    I’m in orange ca :) it sux I’ve been working 14 hours a day !
    no joke !
    First day I had to drive 2 guys 30min from the shop . I hope I do get gas money back . I quite !!!
    Thanks for posting :)

  43. I was a waxer a while back in the Los Angeles territory, and did it for over 2 years. My pay was weak for the first few weeks, just trying to learn the selling techniques, and the locations. However, after a month, I was able to make a steady, livable wage every week. After a while, I was high-rolling the office, and hitting the list. I got really good at how to market the product to all different demographics, and in different locations. I even perfected pitches in different languages, and shared my techniques because I felt it was important for everyone to make money. I, eventually, began doing the payroll for my office, since my manager kept messing up and he allowed me to do it, since I had a Bach. Science in Economics. I also was the inventory controller, since he would miss the consignment count, too.
    I told ANYBODY that I interviewed that what you really put into it, is what you really get out of it. If they were looking for a job that they’d get paid to sit on their ass, and get a paycheck, I’d cut them short and say “Thanks for showing up, but this is NOT for you. You’ll be miserable, and neg-ing out, and talking crap.” I would give them bus fare, or gas money, so that they get home. Sometimes, I’d give them a go, and they would not even try to mimic the technique, or even try to just be themselves and have a little fun. “They (customers) either like YOU, or they like the PRODUCT.”
    Sometimes, you get a raw deal, being sent to a location with people only putting in $5 for gas, so, you figure sales would be crap that day. BUT, you remeber the LAW OF AVERAGES, and just find the one person and DROP on them.
    I had product STOLEN at an event. Not by a partner, but by thieves. My manager was sympathetic, and we split the cost.
    I worked the ‘hoods to WestWOOD…I SMASHED SAN PEDRO, WilMAS, KoreaTown, Alhambra, South LA, Santa Monica, Boyle Heights, Torrance, Lakewood, Orange. I asked for the “challenging” events just to prove a point, and I would not fail. Somtimes, you have to be in a location for a week just to make it work.
    So I gave up a lot of 2-day weekends. Saturday was the best day anyways.(I was pushing 40 years old at the time.) I sold a lot of wax. I showed people how to truly use it, and even helped them clean their cars AFTER a station with a car wash (I got paid NOTHING for this, but it made the product easier for that client to use it.) And I had these clients looking for me (fear of loss).
    Is it a scam? Well, maybe…maybe not.
    Sure, perhaps their promises are a bit misleading. But, I learned IMPORTANT stuff related to marketing to people in one-on-one situations that still works for me today.
    I am now an insurance agent. (Funny, huh?) I only explain what it does and how it helps them. And, maybe paint a scenario about what would happen if they don’t have it. Some buy, and some do not buy. I am INDIFFERENT to their reasons. I have developed a tough skin for rejection. It they don’t buy into it, it is truly their loss.

    By the way, the reason why I left the company was new religious reasons that could not be accomdated.

    1. Hey, I will admit to one thing that you said. The INDIFFERENCE technique has helped me grow in sales. And I did sometimes make money, but deceiving people as to thinking they will own their business is the biggest lie they sell. That part makes it a scam, and you know it. Especially with insurance sales. My owner taught me the tricks of the trade but the whole time I was tricked into believing something that would never be. I recruited and was a leader and never made 2¢ off of anyone. In the end, I was just means to an end for the guy in the office.

  44. Fresno Events Inc. is the same thing. It’s a scam. My niece went there, and they had her sell car wax for 8 hrs without getting paid a dime. Avoid company at all costs.

  45. I’m not going to waste too much of my time on this, but don’t talk trash about Larry because you weren’t good at your job. I think the man is a genius. I work for one of his marketing firms and make $200 being out in the field for 4 hours. Think about it like this next time you’re hating on him, he sits and counts his billions while you talk shit about people on the internet. You are just an angry, insignificant person and should worry about your own failure of a life instead of people who are actually successful.

    1. I worked for them and Im successful now. I have a 6 figure income and own my business and I still will say they are a scam. And Larry isnt that rich. Check the forbes listing. He isnt on any of them and believe you me they know ALL THE PEOPLE WITH MONEY. Go find Larry on forbes and google him to see his net worth and come back and make that same argument.

  46. Look the wax buisness was real good at one time. That’s 15 years ago. But you take the greedy fucks like Darren the owner of RGS labs,simply put fast wax or FW1 who started putting every convict on the street at every gas station you went to hounding you and not taking a no for an answer! If you want a comparable product but some wd40 it’s all the same trust me.

  47. My son worked for a company called Structured Enterprises. It was a outside sales position (in front of Race Track and B P gas stations. The product.. you guessed it FW1 Racing Fast Wax. The guy promised my son the following: “ring the bell” $300 sales per day (min), then you will move up and get a larger percentage of the sales $, then become a trainer (more % $) and then the people you train will work under you, then you will make a percentage of their sales besides the percentage of your own sales. In a short time (if you do well) “I will turn this office over to you while I expand elsewhere”). He had my son sold hook, line and sinker. He worked a minimum of 10 hours but more often 12 hours and had to wait for someone to pick him up from “The Event”. He went in at 7:30 am and did not get back to “settle up” til 11 pm or so! Well this company did so well they lost their office and went to a new one, which they lost after 2 months. Then the owner tells my son that he no longer has a “spot” for him and is taking the company in a “new direction”. From the beginning I said I hoped they were not blowing smoke up his a**. Well they were and they did. These fly by night companies are all over and are really scr**ing over those who don’t know any better or are desperate for any job. The ones selling the products are just hard working people who are just trying to make honest money. The bad guys/gals are those who claim to be a business, who may have an office or may just be running the show out of their trunks or some garage. The product is ok, the business is not. If you see an job listing for them….RUN Don’t waist your time. The money is not what they lead you to believe and when you count your hours vs sales, your making less than slave wages.

    1. Sorry but I forgot to say where this company (Structured Enterprises) is…Richmond, Virginia area (they travel…take the staff out…to all areas of the state, in all weather conditions and just drop them off and collect them when they decide to)

  48. Hi there,

    I think this is the same company that has contacted me quite a few times but they’re under the names Chi Town Connections and also Team Chicago. I didn’t call anyone back instead I researched the web about them and any blogs I could find. I was really upset with one company where the one guy in the email harassed me and disrespected me simply because I said I wasn’t interested in door to door business and I’m going to make a blog or post about it and show the emails as well when I can. Thank you for sharing, I don’t mind people selling door to door stuff but when you have to lie to get people to work for you and you lie to the customer who you want to buy your product, well that’s just wrong. I’m all about being honest and I wouldn’t sell a product that I would never use or try out my own damn self. I also almost got sucked in a door to door company here called Blue Inc and it’s run by a guy named Wrinaldo Kennedy or something like that. They sell that Uverse thing from AT&T and I read a review from someone who use to actually work for AT&T but for some reason was with Blue and said the salesperson that they had to watch aka “shadowing” was telling the customers lies about the product and explained how guilty they felt knowing they would have to do that if they chose to work for these people. Seriously, how do people get away with this?

  49. To whom it may concern,
    Stay away from these pyramid scams! My wife applied for a job as a Project Manager. Then I find out she is doing direct marketing, whats direct marketing? It’s simply going door to door soliciting people and selling crap. These places all have one thing in common they are all entities of Smart Circle International. Fast Track Inc also sometimes spelled Fast Trak Inc ( is based in Alexandria, VA established in 2013 and run by Ramses Gavilondo. My advise is to steer clear of these con-artists at all costs. I have two children who miss their mother. I now feel like a single father of two. WTF is the point of even being married anymore is the question I go to work asking myself. I’m unable to make my wife think with any rationality, all she does is eat the hype these people feed her. These bastards do not care about their employees or their families. They are simply in it for themselves. Hiring people using false misleading tactics to get more money mules! They will brainwash you with their cult like work environment and you wont get anything in return for working 60+ hrs a week. Sorry but I’ve never heard of a professional work environment where they throw shaving cream pies in your face or have marker tosses for bonuses; it’s childish BS if you ask me. They will tell you that you will own your own business in 3-6 months…blah….blah….blah. In truth these people prey on the gullible desperate people. People that feel a sense of not belonging to anything; these are the people that will get sucked in to their sick twisted game. Sadly I guess that describes my wife. She has gone through some very tough times. I’ve been supportive and tried my best to help her. She gets up and drives to Alexandria, VA at 8AM and doesn’t return home until 10:30PM or sometimes even 12PM! She will only bring home $400 – $700 max every week. Sorry but that doesn’t compensate for gas and not seeing your husband or children. These pricks will even call her on Sunday’s! the only day I ever see her. These are all break-offs of Smart Circle international! They should not be allowed to post their BS misleading jobs on what are supposed to be reputable job sites. She walks around telling my kids that shes going to be a millionaire. Everything I read says your just going to burn yourself out, loose the people that truly love you, and end up broke. These people destroy already fragile lives with the lure of false promises. Lets face it if the American Dream were that easy everybody would be doing it. SHAME ON YOUR FAST TRACK!!! SO WORD OF WARNING TO ALL READERS STAY AWAY FROM ANY JOB RELATING TO FAST TRACK INC / FAST TRAK INC / FAST TRACK MANAGEMENT GROUP. Anyone with any education can obviously see through the BS filler on their website to see it’s all a scam.

    1. Here in The Tampa-Bay Area these creeps go by the names Innovate Industries, Sharper Advertising, and Next Global Solutions. All the posts here about how these types of companies operate are 100% correct. The posts here that are defending these types of companies are employees that are still chasing the carrot that is dangling in their face. A sample of what some of these generic ads look like can be sewn by clicking on these links:

      These types of companies advertise daily and across many job search sites. Look for dead giveaways like: Entry Level Managers, Public Relations, Junior Marketers, Business Associates, etc. If in doubt, ask the following questions:

      Do they offer benefits, do they reimburse mileage, are they offer of Smart Circle, will you have to complete a 1099 (so you pay your own taxes). If they try to get around answering those questions, it refuse to answer them, hang-up the phone, it walk it off the interview.

      The best thing you can do is post your experiences on as many sites as possible like ripoffreport com, pissed consumer, and flag their ads on Craig’s List.

      1. Sorry about the type-o’s in my last post… Doing this on my phone.

  50. Hi! Quantum, and thousands of other companies, are actually part of a much larger scheme that was once under the name “DS-MAX”. (If you google this, you might find some interesting facts). Since their business practices are virtually all the same, it is easy to spot a company that may have been once associated with DS-MAX (now disbanded). It is widespread around the world, and has been around for many years.
    I’m compiling a list of all companies associated, it would help if anyone who has had similar experiences post the company name they were associated with:
    Thank you!

  51. I didn’t see anything being mentioned about ‘The Smart Circle’ which is another of Larry’s companies. The way I came upon this article is by just looking up his name on google because after being part of this ‘smart’ circle for almost 2 months and having made well under $700 (in TWO MONTHS) I come to realize what I got myself into. Although the promises are there and most of the people employed by this company hold business or marketing degrees (mostly bachelors) and/or some kind of sales and marketing experience, I find that the long hours, pay, and the lies are never gonna allow these companies to function with integrity. I am located in Texas and we recently had the “national and regional” conferences in Dallas where many of the “Top leaders” and even the new guys got to go and sit down for one on ones with these millionaires we idolize day in and day out back in our offices because we are taught that we want to be just like them. I would like to keep going ‘on the fast track’ and actually get those $150,000 they assure you once you open your office because it seems doable once you know how the pyramid works. Thankfully, I don’t think I could ever look anyone in the eye during an interview and lie to them telling them they are going to be fine when every single day I am in that office Im not even sure why I’m there myself (other than I need a job). People who get through this must have no morals or must have a good support system to keep them going financially and mentally because its a big scam and brain wash every single day you go into the office and you have mandatory one-on-one meetings or business lunches on your days off. These kinds of pyramids want to keep tabs on everyone and make sure they’re all pretending to be happy for each other so no one finds out how miserable everyone is at that job or else the company would not function! I have personally never talked to anyone outside of the smart circle but there is an office (or two) in every city with ads on Monster or other job sites looking for “event coordinators or marketing experts” to go do the nasty jobs so the people at the top can keep making their millions. Be aware and know what you’re getting yourself into before quitting a good job because you think this will be better. I regret leaving my job that paid $10/hr for a ‘better’ opportunity that I now find myself earning less than minimum wage and working ridiculous hours in a week.

    1. A good way to spot these offices is to look at the physical size of it in relation to all of the postings. If they had as many departments as they advertise for, they would need an office that is comprised of more than 3 rooms that most of these offices have.

      Also they Willi work very hard at cutting you of from family and friends. They accomplish this by having meetings in the evenings, having you work Saturdays, and bugging you on the your one day off. Also you Will be strongly encouraged to participate in team activities. One poster above said s something about throwing pies in each others faces for people that had low sales that week. He is 100% true. Here is a link to a Facebook page for Sharper Advertising. You can see pictures of this wonderful ‘team building’ activity in action:

      Here is a link to the services page for Next Global Solutions. If you scroll to the bottom you will see fake testimonial letters from the ‘Smith Family’ and ‘John Doe’ singing the praises of Next Global.

      Keep up the for fight everyone!

  52. I posted on here nearly a year ago, and I saw something today that confirmed it. I worked at DFW Promotions and I saw selling at a gas station near my house that was the top selling rep in the nation and moved to open his own office. He is back selling shit again. I live in Arlington and the guys name is Pete. Top salesman when I worked and still is working for this BS company. Oh, and you never own your office. You still get 30% commission off your sales amd those sales go toward whoever hired you. And if you know anything about business, you can decipher this part as to how they are a scam. When you open an office, you give it and “Inc.” Name of your choosing. By doing this, you become liable for any discrepancies that may occur which means Smart Circle isnt responsible when you fail or get sued. Each company in nearly every city has changed their name multiple times. And if you are defending them, remember no successful company any the history of American civilization legitimately changes their name without being deemed untrustworthy. None of these companies have an A+ rating with the BBB. (Look them up before you argue). And if you like selling it so much, you can buy it in bulk at $3 a can and sell THE CRAP YOURSELF because the company does not own Fastwax. Call the manufacturer and see if Im lying. Thats how cheap it is.

  53. I worked for a similar company in CT. It was called mph. Miles per hour advertising. I was sucked in too. I had done business to business sales before and was not interested in doing it again.I was offered the job after on my “day of observation” I sold everything in the guys car. I had no job and was desperate. The manager said give it a week and if I still didn’t want to do it then he would right me a great reference. So I agreed. The first couple days life was miserable. I was selling out my car everyday sometimes twice and making a lot of money, but it wasn’t for me. After a night out drinking with some of the other employees and seeing the 5steps put to use in a different environment I was sold. I turned into a beast. I was always selling even in my sleep. I built a huge team built 3 offices and was killing it. I went to Dallas twice and Orlando for a week all paid for. I was having a blast and making really good money. The things I learned while there I still use on a daily basis. I left after a yr and three months because I was being promised a division and was blowing away my goals and not getting it. It was because my manager was leaving the business and not promoting anyone because he wanted the money being made for him.
    With that being said just because you sucked at the business doesn’t mean you should talk bad about it. You were probably a neg ball. In the year+ I was there I grossed $94,000. I was making almost 1800 a week, week after week. I chose great territories I chose bad territories. No matter what I would sell. You probably walked around where a ran. You probably talked to to 80 people a day when I saw 300. The business model works. It’s just not for everyone. Some people just don’t have the balls to do it.

    1. I sold makeup and other crap at SAMS club in Michigan. I worked for 6 months, HARD. My situation was similar, top sales in country, built a team of 15 successful sales reps, went to Dallas blah blah blah… Promised my own business but the owner refused to promote me because I would take all employees with me. When you are better than the owner, you cannot get ahead, they hold you back. I agree the business model works but the scam comes in when people are underpaid, over worked, and promised promotions that never take place. If you are good at selling they want you out selling, not running your own office. And no offense, but having 3 offices and only grossing 94k is a bit pathetic don’t you think? That’s only 30k per office. And if the money was that GREAT, you WOULD NOT HAVE LEFT. You wouldn’t have cared about running a division… Bottom line is the lies are what makes it a scam. There are very talented sales reps that could make a killing if they were selling something for a real company. I was told I would make commission but I NEVER got paid my commission I wrote down everything I sold but it didn’t matter it would be “in my next check” never was. Looking back, even if they paid me my commission correctly it still wasn’t THAT GREAT. I filled out all of the paperwork to start my own business and had an office ready to go. (Thank GOD my dad owned the office building or I would’ve been totally screwed if I signed a lease). When asked what was taking so long for the incorporation I was given the run around. I finally contacted the State filing office and was told that there was no filing under that name. I quit that day. Got a phone call from Mike Putnam himself begging me not to quit. It was too late. There was never going to be a chance of promotion because I was too good at selling. I’m on straight commission now and make 51% of everything. It’s legit, it’s great, and I make a hell of a lot more money than I ever did working for shitty smart circle. RUN RUN RUN DO NOT WORK FOR THIS COMPANY!!! IF I CAN SAVE EVEN ONE PERSON FROM WASTING THEIR TALENTS HERE I WILL BE HAPPY. Good luck to those who think those of us who have been through it “didn’t work hard enough, or didn’t stay long enough, or weren’t cut out for this” because that’s how I thought when I read reviews warning me of this business and I was out to prove everyone wrong. The sad thing is the business model could actually work if greed and crappy products weren’t in the mix!!!

  54. Thank you thank you thank you!

    Here I was sitting, stewing, wondering if I made the right choice this morning. Today was going to be my first day in ‘the field’ at ‘Golden Squar Inc.’. I went through the bizarre ring of interviews, I was baited by their need for ‘marketing reps’, I was told several times what the company ‘wasn’t’ and that general feeling if unease I had from the start only bottomed out for me last night.

    If the frat-esque nature of it all didn’t allude to something I wasn’t fully grasping, then the difficulty of finding anything solid on their FW1 ‘contract’ and the company’s origins definitely irked me. I watch everyone who lasted the quirks of the interview process get hired on. Every. One. These are people I had conversations with waiting for the most bizarre round about interviews in my experience; people I was preliminarily and thankfully checking off the list of co-workers. In no way was there a hierarchy of qualification; I knew it wasn’t about that when the prospect of ‘assistant manager’ wasn’t just presented to me, but the entire room. Every. One. Again.

    So, today was my day one training. I just told Terrance it wasnt my speed and I was put off by the documents I had come in to sign yesterday. The documents I left unsigned, the documents he was trying to water down for me so he could have his computer, the documents that sign my right of a juried trial into oblivion, the documents that literally tell you you get no overtime, sorry about that minimum wage thing and no benefits cause obamacare! No reasoning implied.

    Yes, i was stewing, wondering if I had made a good decision to cut my ties early on. Only to find this article, after fully realizing the scope of this scam. And to think, Golden Square wanted to ‘go international’. After all, they were ‘in contract’ with people in Japan and Australia, there were terms for travel. Of course, I probably would of had to buy my plane ticket and fund my relocation.

    Thanks for keeping this article alive. I still cannot believe how hard it was to find truth and a solid explanation admist the noise that Quantum seems to have unleased.

    1. I recently got hired by a similar company in the VA Beach area almost everything I’ve read here is true, both the negative and positive. The direct marketing system they teach DOES work but there are far more effective ways to sell products. If you have the right personality and put in the ridiculous hours required you can make money, and for some people it may be a job opportunity they may not otherwise be able to get. But unless you fall into that category I would highly recommend looking for another job. There is a reason all of these companies have such a high turnover rate.

      As for the companies themselves I believe the quality really depends on the individual “owners”. Some seem to be run much better than others. Unfortunately this type of job tends to attract sketchy people who have no qualms about taking advantage of others with misleading recruiting practices. The company that hired me seems to be one of the “better” ones as far as I can tell, but they are all built on the same shady model. I do know that during the orientation it was never explicitly explained that the 1099 tax form means that everyone will be responsible for paying their own taxes. While this is common knowledge for many people, I wouldn’t be surprised if half the people they hire have no idea what that means and will be stuck holding the bag when they file their taxes.

      The FW1 product itself isn’t necessarily bad. But it certainly isn’t everything they teach in the pitch. If you know anything about automotive detailing then you know this stuff has been around since the 90’s and is nothing new. It’s essentially WD40 with an undisclosed amount of carnauba wax in it. It’s really only good for cleaning your windows. If you actually care about your car (like me) you know they there are much better products that will give you superior results and not potentially damage your car. I only feel comfortable selling it for what it is…a quick way to clean your car for anyone too lazy to do it right. So if you do sell this product, please do not try to pitch it to anyone with a really nice car :-)

      If you are involved with one of these companies just realize what it is and learn what you can while you are there. Think of it as a crash course in selling, one that you are paying for with your time and effort. Learn the system and then get out ASAP. It may not be a scam in a legal sense but it’s certainly dishonest and knowingly takes advantage of hard working people desperate to improve their lives. It’s easy to get sucked in to the cult atmosphere they promote but It’s really a dead end street filled with morally corrupt douchebags. Anyone who thinks otherwise is either lying to themselves or already making money from convincing others to drink the “Juice” (high five!!).

      If you have already been a victim of one of these companies, don’t feel ashamed. These people have been doing this for a long time and are very good at what they do. Personally I’m going to stick around for one more free marketing lesson and then respectfully decline this amazing business opportunity lol

      And has anyone else here sat in on one of those inspirational conference calls with Harmony Hunt? If so please tell me you laughed as hard as I did…I got to hear it twice and could hardly keep a straight face in the owner’s office lol

      1. Lol. I attended the conference in Dallas two years ago. A guy was in there telling people that educated people cant argue business and success with him because of what he makes. He said college just gives you debt you cant pay back so you should just work hard. I was outraged and gladly told the guy that I got paid to go to school through scholarships & grants, so does that make me an idiot. Then, I heard the Harmony Hunt woman speak. Before that though, the guy over smart circle spoke and bragged how he lived next to Kobe Bryant and played bball with and that we could never do that because we dont work hard enough. Everyone there was wide-eyed except me. I vhecchecked the Forbes list too. My good man speaking isnt anywhere on there. Nonetheless, I did learn about selling impulses and such. All in all, was a great learning experience that I will gladly avoid in future times

  55. I also worked for a company under Quantum, the name escapes me now but I’m sure it’s changed by now anyway, it was in Jax, FL. I was the top selling “leader/manager” for a children’s charity, which we were told that we could NOT say we directly represented, instead that we were only selling merchandise on behalf of them, it was weird. The first interview was strange. I walked in, was greeted and seated, then a “manager” came out while looking over my resume, did not make eye contact. When he did, his first question was,”where did you park?” I told him where and he asked me to move it to another spot. Ok.. So I did. Then we went to our “event” at a run down walmart that was more than half an hour away. The first part of the day I observed him, the second half was all me. I did well, was told I dd well, it actually was kind of fun even though I knew it was weird, but when we got back to the office he said they’d call me after a team review, and he handed me some cash. I got a call that night that I had the job. Yay!! Riiiightttt.. So I end up working there, our morning team meetings were all bells, horns and whistles, LITERALLY, we blew air horns and rang bells every time an employee entered the office (we did this during the after-event meetings also and a horn was blown or bell rang based on the amount of sales you’d done that day), we clapped, danced around like idiots to energize, role played, wed break each other down with what we did wrong and then we would build each other up based on what we did right, “build, break, build.” I actually was making a LOT of money, I usually would run out of supplies and someone would have to bring me more around 12pm, so I was promoted very quickly. Harmony Hunt loved me, had me travel to help open other offices and offered to help me open my own. I was never reimbursed for travel and hardly made any $ while opening new offices. They’d pay for the hotel but there were 4 of us in a room. I eventually was invited into the “inner circle,” where I found out that all of them LIVED TOGETHER! WTF?? The guys had a townhouse and the women had another, they all shared in expenses and moved around together. I was told that during my initial interview when I’d been asked to move my car, that it was simply a mind trick, a way to make you feel as if you’d done something wrong immediately to break you down a notch and for them to reinforce the fact that they were in control. They asked/told me to move my car, what to do.. I did it. I ended up quitting after too much travel and $ lost due to expenses for said travel. Again, I was number one in the entire company many months running. I was easily making about $4k/mon at 19 with no experience and little college. I was def reeled in and gullible. There is opportunity to gain some experience that I’ll admit has been beneficial to my career, but it took a large toll. I often wasn’t home until after 9 bc I was made the “warehouse manager,” or I was selling so much that they’d ask me to do two events a day sometimes. And I’d accept bc I had no children at the time and was making $. Harmony is very charismatic and she’ll make you feel like you’re amazing, her best friend in training.. You just have to sacrifice your life to get there. The “owner” of my company was named Denise. I wish I had more names remembered just in case. They were all super nice people, my trainer was a great guy from Scotland. Elisha ended up being a great friend of mine, no longer bc after you quit , they all stop talking to you. Denise, the owner, also lived in the townhouse with all the other girls. I wonder where they all are now and if they’re still together.. I’ll prob never know unless they open an office near me:) I had fun through most of it, made a lot of $ and won a lot of sales contests, but was physically and monetarily drained by the end.

  56. Smart Circle, Cydcor, Appco/Cobra are just tentacles of the global direct sales cult known to some as Devilcorp. If you go to you will find a plethora of links to news reports, government rulings, lawsuits and video footage showing how these people do business.

  57. Natasha hung up on me because she could not explain the business and I asked tough questions.

    I understand you are desperate for a job, but tell people the truth up front, dont hide the ball.
    You are MANIPULATING the desperate!

    in 2002 I joined a pyramid scheme. within 3 weeks the local office was closed, within three years the national office was closed, the parent company it broke off with is crippled immensely. type up their name in goolge, and the wikipedia article is FIRST. I did all of this. And this was before I became an attorney. If I had gone to that interview today I would have maybe gotten mad enough to at least report you to the attorney generals office, and the most I would have shut you down.

    Get a better job, in which you don’t manipulate people. No paycheck is worth your conscience.

    I am posting this email online.

    Fuck off Ramses Gavilondo.

  58. A&M Events in Louisville, KY is a part of Smart Circle. I had the unfortunate incident of “interviewing” with the “owner”, who told me about the ad that I had responded to on Monster, which was for a management training program. The interview lasted no more than 10 minutes. They wanted me to come back for a brief period of observation on Monday (my interview was on Friday). I come in on Monday morning to loud music and a few other people (reps), and what really surprised me was how the reps were dressed. They had nice shirts, nice pants, but most of them had worn down shoes.

    After they had their meeting, I ride out with one the reps, who was new, to none other than…a Kroger gas station, with a tent selling their product, which was their FW1 waterless wax and wash in a can. The leader then asked me to write some things down, and one of them was the law of averages. He then proceeded to tell me that the job was actually direct sales and that I would only get a $300 cushion for the first two weeks. After that it would be 100% commission with a quota of how much I was to sell each week. This was what they meant by “management training”. I didn’t want to be rude, so I went on my way and said goodbye. I took the bus out to their “office”, but when it came to finding a way home, I couldn’t get on the bus; I had to call a cab, which I spent almost 52 dollars (including a 20% tip), to take me home. Then I did my research on the product. It worked for some and didn’t work for others, but the kicker was when I googled “selling FW1”, and this came up. Even though the leader told me to call whenever I was ready to start, I am not going to contact them after what I found out online. On top of that I felt like I had been lied to.

    If you are reading this, live in the Louisville area, and need a job, DO NOT APPLY with A&M Events. You’ll save yourself a lot of stress and anxiety, as well as money.

  59. HAHA! lmao. this is so funny and so true. I agree with this wholehearterdly. I got trapped up in this crap too! I used to get there at 7am and leave at 8pm. It was a 30-45 min drive! One day I woke up and decided that there was no way that I could leave my bed again at six o’clock in the morning. I called them and quit after 3 weeks.

  60. Thank you for this post. I realize it’s pretty old but in case you want to keep it up to date, I think I just interviewed with the same or at least a similar company, only under a different name, in New Jersey. They’re selling the same product. They’re calling themselves GSP, but now I realize they never explain what the letters even stand for on their site, which is It’s an attractive site, and easy to navigate, so it seemed like something a marketing company might realistically have created. I came in today for an interview, and they sat me down for all of a couple of minutes and proceeded to essentially give ME a rapid, poorly given sales pitch, instead of asking me about my qualifications. When they invited me to interview, I was told I was being considered for a customer service job at a marketing company. What they actually wanted me to do was sell FW1 at gas stations. I will be calling them shortly to turn them down. There were at least three other people interviewing today that I saw. I hope they don’t take it.

  61. I too was a gotten by this Smart Circle scam! was selling FW1 fastwax at gas stations, even went from IL to FL then saw its was all a scam.

  62. Lol….sounds like you just sucked at your job. I worked for a division of this company for about a year…and yes it was kinda sketchy and i did get suckered in. But i enjoyed being my own boss. I enjoyed being able to travel to new places everyday. I liked raising awareness and money for the d.a.r.e program and the nearby shelter houses. I enjoyed the Christmas toy drive to help the kids in the shelters to have a christmas. Yes some weeks were not as good as others. But its also in knowing how to buget your money. But if your not good at sales…then your not good and nothing is gonna help you. I use fw1 on my car. And I love the all purpose cleaner. Yes I used my own vehicle. But if your smart then you already know that if you keep track of your kilometers then its a taxable write off. Because you are deemed self employed…almost everything you do is a tax write off. I did leave. But that was because i wanted a little more stable life because of my bf and his 3 kids. But if I was younger, its a great job opportunitie and i learned alot of skis that i can now apply to my career. Instead of looking at the negatives. I look at the positives this job gave me.
    Im sorry your so butt hurt over this job. But get over it. Grow up. Be an adult. And move on.

  63. Luv the Spray wash and wax. I’ve used it for years on my large motorhome. The best and easiest way to clean it. Wish I could find it in stores.

  64. Wow. Shut up. You speak as though all these people represent fw1 directly. They are vendors. So do your research properly. These vendors buy and resell at their own prices. Costco has taken on fw1 for 2 week events yearly for 5 years now. Costco wouldnt represent such “scammers”….idiot. Do your proper research on the company that owns fw1. Your rant was null from the beginning. By the way, just like any sales job, if you suck at selling then you don’t make money. Duh. I work for a marketing company in partnership with fw1 and they pay for everything incliding our flights and expenses around the world…you know why? Cause we perform. Unlike you vendors that have tried to just sell the product without knowledge of its properties, we actually pitch the full correct use of the product. Never join a marketing company if all you do is expect to make a guarantee for your time. That’s not what self employment is. You’ll understand that if you are ever successful in your own business.

  65. I got a first interview in Montreal to the office of a supposed company called Synergie.. The lady explain me really brievly general aspects of the company, telling me they go to events and stuff and that they have a bunch of customers and promote different products. On my 2nd interview something that attracts my attention because it is the same thing as the first interview is that the secratary keeps calling people no stop on the waiting room to set interviews which seems weird to me and theres always at least 5 persons in the waiting room for interviews. They seem to hire all kind of people, whatever is your profile. Then on that 2nd interview I learn about that the only product they focus during summer is FW1 and that what they mean by ”events” is gas stations.. All employees are new from not even 2 months while office is registered since 2010.. I’ve done my first day of work at the gas station, work well has I like working outside and working with people. Team seems nice and the manager also, but some things seems wrong with this place and I wonder if it’s gonna be worth.. Gonna have a 3rd interview about my interest on that job, we’ll see.

    1. Yes they are in South Australia too. Someone i know lasted about week and told me they were concerned about the structure of the business – unite marketing here. If anything looks too easy its probably not real

  66. you know I don’t know if I would listen to this, I’ve read a couple adds saying that FW1 is a SCAM and run the other way but to me honest I’ve already worked a couple events and I’ve already seen employees make over $400-$600 IN A DAY! that’s just for them to take home too, not final sales. You also get paid at the end of every week and I’ve seen them take home cash. For myself I’m still new and still learning but if you’re a natural at talking with people and at selling stuff then this is deffiently the job for you. For me maybe not so much cause I’m shy but this is not a scam or some job where you never see your pay or anything… And yes they do want to Amp you up at the begging Of your shift but I have yet to be talked to about making my own company from it, that’s something that I have herd a couple of people talking about because they are actually upgrading to their own office in the next week or two. There’s also employees there who are killing it on the field happy to bring home whatever they worked for at the end of the week. All I’m trying to say is I find it legit and I great summer job if that’s all you need it for. but don’t hold back because of a bad Google review from someone who just couldn’t sell. Hey I might not make it either, but trust be its not a scam.

    1. You have written for this company before (almost the same info in the other articles).
      Look at your commission in the contract you have people sign, oh I mean that you signed,. because you are employed by them right? It states you only get 35% of the sale but only get to keep the portion if it goes above your 400 dollars per week they are supposed to pay you.You end up working a 10 house day with no breaks and no money for travel to locations that take hours to get there and back, but the worst they violate the time card sheets. You don’t get to see what they wrote for time, they have you on a fixed salary, yet tell you to fill out a time card, but when asked to see a time card they say, no they fill them out for you??? But the contract they have you sign (read it) says you must fill out your own time card or you could be fired?
      They need to be investigated!

  67. Er Marketing / EpicMarketing”alabama” For FW1 Wax
    Er marketing or “epic”alabama markeing selling Fw1wax does not follow basic rules and laws of employment. They state in their contract the employee needs to fill out their own time cards, yet when my son’s friend (who works for them) asked for the time card to fill it out they replied it was too confusing so they will just do it for him. Lo and behold this person was missing hours was not paid for overtime worked, was not paid for mileage or gas to drive 45 mins there and an hour back (with traffic)..They are not a good company and should investigated for their so-called “record keeping”. They have such a convoluted Commission program that you’ll never see a dime from anything you sell.

  68. From Brisbane, Australia! I applied for a job on and they were advertising for OnUp Group for a Sales & Marketing Position. I went in for an interview and I felt like I had to prove myself, and that I really wanted this job. The manager said that the first interview was to see if he liked my personality etc. But also said that I have a lot of experience in different places (like cafes and restaurants) but have “jumped all over the place”. I’m only 21 and I was a student, so yes I did have many casual jobs. Anyway, I actually got called in for a “second round appointment” and me and another girl who applied for the job got taken to a cafe to have a coffee with one of the other managers who has been working there for like 2 years. She said she moved to Australia a few years ago (the other manager moved to Australia a few years ago as well) and she almost left the country because she couldn’t find a good job and then she found this “amazing” job where she sells FW1 products and makes over $500-$1000 a day usually. She was talking to me about positivity and never giving up because in just several months, you can advance to the next level… by being an independent contractor to a marketing manager and having your own marketing business etc. As she went on, she finally told us that the pay is 100% commission but once we learn how to sell and if we’re good at it, we could make a lot of money. After reading these comments, and other articles… I realise that she was trying to brainwash me.. kind worked tbh. At the start, I got told that the job was to show these new products to retailers so that they would buy products. Only to realise that they were just glamourising door to door sales, and those shopping centre sales people who try to stop you when you’re really busy and have no time to talk about a product you’re not even interested in. The FW1 spray was pretty cool, the manager tried it on my car and it made it cleaner and shinier kind of, but it’s not magic. I’m sure there are other products on the market that do the same thing. I had a training day tomorrow, unpaid… definitely won’t be going anymore! I had a bad feeling about this, and now I know why.

  69. They have arrived in Memphis, TN.
    They rotate locations fast, but the latest is called “Emprise Management”. They will flood many job boards with marketing positions, only to commit the switcharoo and waste time. I wasted two days of interview, only to be brought to a parking lot and finally told all the information I needed to know. It’s a scam. They are purposefully targeting Grocery Stores and Parking Lots in low income areas. I felt sorry for the guy in my last interview, he was there for two years, still pumping up how he’s going to move up the pyramid and get his $100,000 soon.

  70. Things have definitely changed. I started selling FW1 through a couple months ago. I do not work with convicts. We support each other very well and I have personally sold thousands of dollars worth. The ‘pyramid structure’ is true in ANY company. This is no scam. I don’t invest my own money and if I want gas money for driving my car, I just ask my passenger for a couple bucks.

  71. I worked there for a year and it was financially exhausting. Some people do make it to the top and they make good money. We were on long Island and people were buying big houses in the second most expensive housing market in the nation.

    But for the average person, you may or may not make it to the top. I didn’t. But it was a crazy year of my life and it taught me a crazy good work ethic, sales skill, and the mindset of an entrepreneur.

    I have no regrets. I help other companies grow using a system I base off the information and program I learned at Smart Circle (or Quantum whatever).

    If you can afford to lose money for a year, I would reccommend doing this. It SUCKS for most people, BUT the training and the program are top notch. I consider it like getting paid a little money for a business school program. Very educational.

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