Close your Eyes… it taste great…

The recipe seemed easy enough, as they all tend to…

About a week ago a decided to try something different and make Stuffed Cabbage Rolls; it is not fun to learn you don’t like the taste of cabbage after you bought one and worked for nearly two hours prepping it. Despite all the Stuffed Cabbage Rolls were not a complete fail, the ground beef insides were delicious and easy enough to pick out. But even with the smallest cabbage and nearly 15 destroyed leafs later, I still had a ton of cabbage left and nothing to do with it.

I searched “Cabbage” on and the long list began. Finally something caught my fancy – Bacon Cabbage Stir-Fry.

My first thought too was there is no way this can be good, but when I considered it again it seemed like it might work.  Cabbage soaked in bacon grease and fat? Stir-fried in all of that bacon deliciousness? If I could get past the cabbage texture I might have found a winner, so I hit print.

The recipe was short and easy: dice bacon, dice cabbage, cook bacon, drain bacon grease into pan, dry bacon, stir-fry cabbage, add bacon & seasonings and then serve hot.

Nearly finished with everything, I looked at what I had, reread the recipe and thought, “I feel like this recipe needs more.” It was my inner desired chef taking over.

Before long the stir-fry looked like slop after salsa and an egg had made their way in the mix.

Sire the mixture more, left everything cook and soak in then serve it up.

The final product looked terrible, like a giant bloody mess of cabbage – you would have thought a murder had taken place and brains had landed in the pan.

The oohgioia Bacon Cabbage Stir-Fry ended up tasting a lot better then it looked, it was delicious which caught me completely off guard. However, it was only really good when eaten in the dark.

It is crazy the way the brain works, when I couldn’t see the mess I was eating everything was amazing and I even thought about getting more. But the next day at work, sitting at my lit desk with my oohgioia Bacon Cabbage Stir-Fry leftovers, well, let’s just say it was not as easy to get down.

Want to make your own oohgioia Bacon Cabbage Stir-Fry?

  • Take the Bacon Cabbage Stir-Fry recipe, follow all the directions.
  • When you are instructed to add the bacon and seasoning, add aprox one cup of salsa (you chose your heat) and one egg.
  • Cook everything for 3-5 min longer to ensure egg is cooked (you can also cook your egg separate, slice and add in).

Serve, find a dark place to sit & enjoy!

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