Happy Thanksgiving

This year I will be baking a Caramel Apple Pie with my brother. We will then be heading to our mom’s house for her last Thanksgiving in Northern Va. After that my brother and I will be heading out to Best Buy to wait in the Black Friday line in hopes of getting a few things & seeing the new […]

“Fried Chicken” Pasta

Some time last week I got a fried chicken recipe from one of my co-workers whom claims to be an expert cook when it comes to all things, especially fried chicken. Seeing as she is black and always talking about how she makes fried chicken (don’t hate me because she fits the stereotype) I figured […]

Holiday “Traffic”

My journey down I-395S and I-95S in Northern Va. with all of the Thanksgiving traffic around 5:30pm. This is also a failed attempt at a gallery post in the Skeptical by WooTheme theme, instruction on how to successfully do so would be much appreciated. 

Lesley Carter — Thank You

Yesterday’s post, Thanksgiving Rant, was my first post ever to get a “like” from another blogger. First thing I have done on any of my WordPress blogs since 2009 that got that small show of love. So while it was a slow day at work today, like it has been the last week or so […]

Thanksgiving Rant

It seems to be a great debate that comes up around this time every year – is it okay to start decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving? It honestly baffles me that in September while shopping for Halloween decorations that the Christmas lights where already on the shelves. I can almost understand retail putting everything out […]

Introducing The Storyboard

Today marked the official launch of The Storyboard. You haven’t heard yet? There Facebook page is finally up, running and ready for you to say, “I like this.” The Storyboard classifies themselves as an “indie pop band.” Made up of four members all located in the Northern Va. area that hope that others will relate […]