Rosy Red Glasses


The way we look at things every day is important. It can turn your worst day around, but this time of year it almost seems extra important to make sure you maintain a positive and grateful perspective.

It also seems timely that I post this now, at the beginning of the Christmas season so just maybe we can all keep this idea with us for the next 24 days.

The way we view the events in our lives has an effect on our every day. How we act, how grateful we might be and how much gratitude we might show for the things we have. With the Christmas season upon us it is really time to get our perspective in check.

It is time to view things through a positive light.


That’s just what our perspective should be. Rather than dwelling on the negatives life has handed us, let’s appreciate them for the great things they have brought us to or be grateful we are not even worse off.

Because, let’s face it, without these “terrible” moments the breath taking ones would not seem so spectacular.

So sure, this Christmas season that must have gift for that someone special on your list is sold out – every store gone, online gone – and yeah that’s frustrating, it means back to the gift drawing board. But aren’t you glad you have that someone special in your life to be buying a gift for? It may be your spouse, significant other, child, parent, sibling or friend and just think because you are lucky enough to have someone so special in your life your gift hunt is harder. Isn’t the fact that you have a job to pay for all of these extravagant gifts for all of the important people in your life beyond awesome?

People would kill to be in your shoes, as ugly as you think they maybe.

When you are waiting in line giant, heavy toy in hand for that special kid in your life and the wait just seems unbearable; again, be happy you have them in your life, be grateful you can buy them that gift, be grateful that they will receive that gift for Christmas.

This Christmas season, no wait will be too long, no sold out sales will ruin the day and no extra hours at work will ruin the week. No screaming, crying, fit throwing kid will ruin the night.

Rather be grateful there is someone worth standing in line for, be grateful that there is someone you try and get a sale item for, be grateful you have a job to buy those gifts and that you’re getting extra hours to afford them all. Be grateful you can hear that screaming, crying, fit throwing kid and be grateful that they are there to brighten every day.

This Christmas season, put your rosy red glasses on if you need to. View the world as a better place. Realize the great in all that you have – rejoice and give thanks.

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