Christmas fail

We all make mistakes, mistakes that result in those moments when everyone just seems to stand together and say “fail.”

There is an entire blog dedicated to fails, to the mistakes we all make and even worse publish to make public.

Margaret’s preschool sends home a new calendar each month. That calendar finds a cozy home on our fridge door.

As December fell upon us the calendar changed from the orange turkey of November to the red holiday cheer of December. Going in and out of the fridge I glance at the calender on occasion and the other day, well I noticed something was off …

Go figure, these would be the same people that are teaching the preschoolers how to count…

Way to go Chinn Preschool.

4 thoughts on “Christmas fail

    1. haha that is very true. But I cannot believe that there was no review process or that everyone in the review process missed it. Made for a good laugh though, and as you said a nice reminder that we are all human.

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