Merry Early Christmas to Me

In all of the black Fridaymayhem” I was able to pick up a little something for myself. I battled the Best Buy online crowds, stuck the new Virgin Mobile HTC Wildfire S in my “chart” and proceeded to the “check out.”

My gift finally arrived yesterday, wrapped in a small brown box surrounded by bubble wrap.

Box opened. Phone charged. Number transferred and set up in progress. I slowly began to familiarize myself with this new technology.

I was slowly adjusting to the new settings and attempting to remember all those apps I loved and had downloaded on my last Android.

As late evening fell upon me and my alarm was soon set to go off, In placed the HTC Wildfire S on the charger and went to sleep.

When I was finally up, ready and heading out the door for work this morning, I pulled my new friend out of my pocket to check for any messages that came while I was sleeping and that, well that is when I think I fell in love.

It was a dark, gloomy, rainy morning here and as I unlocked the phone, a fog cloud went by my screen. Then rain drops began to appear, ones the phone was creating, not the sky. Then down came the windshield wiper to wipe them all away. I could not help but giggle.

If you are looking for a low cost smart phone “plan” check out Virgin Mobile. Their no contract, pay as you go service powered by Sprint is just as good as the contract plans, if not better.

The HTC Wildfire S (which is currently only available at Best Buy and RadioShack) has a 3.2 inch screen, with the best resolution I have ever seen. Everything is touch screen and the phone its self is small and dainty – if you have big hands, I am not sure this is the phone for you.

I have had the phone for less than 24-hours now and have been messing around with it all day and my first charge of the battery is still holding strong.

It has a 5 mega pixel camera on it with a flash that so far seems to be great. The only downside  is that unlike every other phone I have over owned, the HTC Wildfire S is missing a camera button on the outside of the phone.

The phones sleek shape causes it to be what seems extra slippery. Knowing this from reviews I read prior, I purchased a case for it about a week after buying the phone, while in the case I have not dropped the phone yet.

With 18 days till Christmas and a few shows coming up, I could not have ask myself for a better early Christmas gift (well, except maybe a purse to replace the ugly one I am currently using – but I asked for that for Christmas).

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