The Prefect Corner

Today marks the second annual Christmas Gift Wrapping Party and I could not be any more excited.

With a pile of gifts to wrap and only so many corners one can physically hold down and tape, a gift wrapping party is a fun an easy way to get all the Christmas wrapping done each year.

Gift wrapping parties are fun and easy. For myself, it is always a party of two, an open living room, lots of ribbon, paper, tags and bows and a delivery pizza to ensure we have the energy to make it through.

One of my best friends Sheryl and I get together to wrap our gifts each year and exchange the ones we have gotten for each other.

Along with the excitement of seeing the joy across all of the recipient’s faces on Christmas day, the wrapping and presentation of the gifts has always been a favorite part of this holiday for me.

Rather than getting upset about the volume of gifts you have to wrap this year, make it a get together.
Pick a location, date, time and food. Then just show up with your gifts to be wrapped, tape, wrapping paper and bows.
If you have a friend that live close by that you never get to see, it makes a great excuse to get together, catch up and enjoy the Christmas holiday.

Happy wrapping! And remember that “There is just something about getting that perfect corner.”

Check out some of the adventure from last Christmas, including the FIRST Christmas Wrapping party:

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