Relax it’s almost Christmas

After wrapping gifts till nearly midnight, today called for a day of relaxation.

Christmas relaxation of course.

I woke up this morning and while getting that morning up of coffee ready I ran into Margaret, who told me she was about to go hang Christmas lights.

It brought me to ask her about Christmas and what we would be celebrating.

“It’s God’s birthday, that’s why we celebrate,” this small five-year-old girl told me.

“Are we hanging lights so God can see we are celebrating his birthday?” I asked.

She told me God lives up there, as she pointed to the sky, so he couldn’t see.

I asked her if they where bright enough if he could see them from the sky. She told me he was above the sky. When I asked if God was up there hanging out with Santa, who can see everything you do, she laughed at me as she walked out the door to hang the lights and said, “No, Santa lives in the North Pole.”

The rest of the day was spent watching Christmas movies, including Jack Frost, The Santa Clause and The Santa Clause 3.

With all of the holiday rush, remember to sit back, relax and let the children remind you of the wonder of Christmas.

3 thoughts on “Relax it’s almost Christmas

  1. wise words at this busy time!
    merry christmas – ps: i took in Home Alone last night…a Christmas movie I haven’t seen in forever….good memories!

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