Have you been yet?

Have you made your visit to the North Pole yet? No plan ticket needed, no scarf, mittens or hat that needs to be worn, no bags to be packed – no, a trip to the North Pole is just a simple click away.

The NorthPole.com is the perfect way to round out your Christmas season providing tons of activities for kids, parents and teachers; it is a virtual trip to winter wonderland.

Welcome to Santa’s Secret Village where you have ten barn options to visit. Within each barn is a world of wonder, full of interactive activities and stories to be read, hear or colored.

In Santa’s workshop you can meet the head elf Burt and learn all about the toy making process. Maybe you always wanted to meet the reindeer, stop by the Reindeer barn for the engaging stories about what makes the reindeer special. Looking for fun and games? Stop by the Elf Club House.

At the North Pole you can even write Santa a letter, a letter to which Santa will reply.

The North Pole acts as an interactive Christmas wonderland for adults and children alike.

Parents and children can create log ins to make the experience that much more personal and everyone can watch Santa dance.

Still need your Christmas countdown calendar? The North Pole gives you one for free.

Always wanted to track Santa as he flies across the world? At the North Pole you can.

Who hasn’t wanted to chat with one of Santa’s elves? With the North Pole’s ElfChat now you can.

The North Pole provides the complete Christmas feel to last throughout the Christmas season; complete with games, activities and crafts to keep children engaged and learning this Christmas and enough recipes that Mom will never be able to escape the kitchen.

This Christmas season – be sure to make your way to the North Pole, remember – it’s just a mouse click away.

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