Christmas Miracle

Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling.”
Edna Ferber, Roast Beef Medium

Numerous families are enjoying that feeling this Christmas season as a Secret Santa has helped the Christmas season shine through.

For many of us a Secret Santa is a co-worker, a friend, a class mate or a common group member. We draw names out of a hat, pick out what may be one of the tackiest gifts we can find, wrap it up and place it under the communal Christmas tree.

But this year, secret Santa means so much more for families. This year Secret Santa has meant that families that could not afford the Christmas gifts they put on layaway at Kmart will find a home under the Christmas tree.

Complete strangers are stepping up to the plate this year and paying of the layaway balances for families in need, especially those impoverished parents that have set away toys and clothing for their children.

In Omaha a grandmother got a call, on the other end was Kmart letting her know that someone had paid most of the layaway bill for the toys and clothes that she had set aside for the four youngest of her seven grandchildren. The complete stranger took her balance from $250 to $58.

In Indianapolis, a young father waiting in line to make a payment on his layaway gifts for his kids, dressed in his worn and tattered clothing finally made his way to the layaway counter. With his kids at his side the young father was greeted with a pleasant surprise when a mystery woman stepped to the counter and said, “No, I’m paying for it.”

This same mystery woman paid for the layaway orders of as many as 50 people Tuesday evening, handed out $50 bills and even paid for two carts of toys. This kind stranger staid she was doing this in memory of her recently passed husband.

No connections have been made between the Kmart Secret Santa’s and Kmart has stated they have no idea where these random acts of kindness have come from.

Kmart is a retail store that is struggling against Wal-Mart and Target, however, it is also the only retail store to continually offer layaway.

Read more about this magical act that is happening HERE.

*This story has been distributed to news outlets by the Associated Press, this is a brief summary recap of their article*

2 thoughts on “Christmas Miracle

  1. Hi,
    What a wonderful story, it certainly is good to know that there are many kind and generous people out there that are willing to help others through these hard times, and what a way to do it, very ingenious. :D

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