It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

As Christmas is only a few days away it seems the Christmas spirit is sweeping everyone off their feet. The Kmart Secret Santa’s have upped their game – a record breaking donation was made at a DC area Kmart where nearly $20k worth of children’s toys and clothing that were on layaway were paid off by what the store and it shoppers are calling an “Angel.”

The trees outside my office building have been strung with lights and are lit up on my walk back to my car; on the first floor of my building two giant wreaths hang with other beautiful decorations for the Christmas season. Our Christmas and building parties had come and gone and while the candy basket has been out since October, yet the Christmas cheer just seemed to be missing upstairs.

Over the last few weeks there was been talk about the struggle to afford gifts, the tedious decisions of what to get and even a claim to not be celebrating Christmas.

This week though, with Christmas only a few days away, things seem to be looking and sounding a lot more like Christmas around here.

Monday morning I came into the office, walked over to my cube and out of habit began placing my things where I know they belong. Then I noticed something different, something out of place. On my desk sat a large brown and red bag, out of it peaked white tissue paper. I looked at a co-worker in my section and asked, “Where did this come from?”

A co-worker in my section had gotten us each a gift and on the three desks around my section sat different sized bags with some wondrous gift in side.

“It is nothing big and nothing to special,” warned the co-worker who had made the Christmas gesture, “It is just a little something I know you can each use – for Christmas.”

We each opened our gifts and we had each gotten something different and special, just for us.

In the next section over on the same day another co-worker had brought in delicious Christmas treats.

This morning, I came into work again, ready for my daily routine. Only this time before setting anything down, I did notice something different. Along with an addition to the things I had left on my desk, everything was moved. As frustrating as it was that nothing was in its right place, I could not be happier that someone had taken the time to eliminate that pesky dust I was losing the battle to.

Finally I had my desk back in order, was ready for the day – but first, I had to know what was in the secret envelope on my desk. Since we all work on the computer all day I had no idea who’s hand writing had placed my name so nicely across the envelope.

“Aw, someone left me a Christmas card,” was my first thought. But as I rearranged my desk I began to wonder who it was from. What my boss wishing me a Merry Christmas? It seemed out of character for her – wait, what if my boss what giving me a notice that my job would not be around after the holidays? I was suddenly in a panic and almost too worried about what might be inside to open the card.

Computer started, needed programs up, signed into everything I need for the day. I still had ten minutes left before “work” really had to begin. I looked over at the card. I knew if I did not open it my curiosity would get the best of me and I would ultimately assume the worst.

I flipped the card over and began to slowly tear open the back. Inside was a Christmas card, despite the outside being sliver and blue reading “Peace” across the front, I could not help but worry inside it read something like, “Merry Christmas, We hope you have a great holiday, however we have not decided to keep your position and you will no longer be needed after ChristmasManagement

The last though on my mind was that it was just a nice Christmas card from a co-worker in my section, and of course that it was it turned out to be.

When I finally got around to reading my unread emails, I had another message from one of my managers, saying she had baked us some more Christmas treats and inviting us all to enjoy them.

Tomorrow to continue the Christmas spirit in the office I will be bringing in a dozen donuts and leave a note that reads “Merry Christmas and Happy Holidaysgioia” on top.

4 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

    1. Oh it really does. Noting your “most of the time” part, I think you might get a kick out of my next Christmas post :) Happy Holidays!

  1. Hi,
    Yes I had heard about this wonderful gesture by persons unknown, what a lovely idea, and this way you know the people that need help are definitely getting it. Great post.

    1. Thanks! It is amazing what people are doing, it really makes uyou believe in people again. Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

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