Christmas Donut… fail?

In the spirit of Christmas and all of the holiday giving going on in the office, I figured today was my day  to bring in a surprise, cause lord knows the longer I wait the less likely it becomes that people will actually be there to enjoy.

So this morning my alarm went off early, I crawled out of bed and began my morning routine. I got my close ready for tonight’s activities and made a last minute personal touch to part of my office surprise.  I grabbed my coffee and lunch (despite the fact I knew I had no lunch scheduled today) and headed out the door.

Being broke and wanting to do nice things is hard. I mean sure I could have baked my co-workers a tasty Christmas treat, but then I would have to remember to bring home whatever I brought the treat to work in and would have to scrub a dirty dish to simply bake them in. I am not crafty enough to make bracelets or earrings, nor do I feel those would be so greatly appreciated. So donuts it was, I mean really who doesn’t like donuts – oh yeah, I don’t. That did not matter though, these were not for me, but for the people at work who had been helpful since I started and even spread some Christmas cheer.

So I stopped by Dunkin Donuts on the way to work, from the drive through ordered a dozen donuts; six glazed to be safe and six of whatever Christmas donuts they had. I tapped my sign that read, “Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays –gioia” to the top of the box and made my way into work.

I would have never expected what happened next.

I got to my section; four cubes grouped together, my co-worker friends. I had one co-worker move their bag so I could place the donuts down and she did, not commenting at all on what I brought in. My entry had terrible timing; everyone was either on the phone or mid conversation.  Finally the morning rush died down, a good three minutes later, and everyone finally took note of my Christmas gift to them.

Their responses? Well they were not what I anticipated. I got one “Oh Gioia, so what you think you’re cute?” and one “Aw, thanks Gioia. I didn’t think you had it in you.”

One co-worker actually said thank you. Later in the day, they decided to share their donuts with others in our area, one more person thought to say thank you.

I suppose it is the thought and gesture that counts, and I know that they at least enjoyed the donuts – as they all dived right in.

3 thoughts on “Christmas Donut… fail?

  1. Hi,
    It was a wonderful gesture on your part, and maybe the reaction was more from the fact they didn’t think of it first. :D
    If there are any left over I would be more than happy to take them.

    1. I am not sure they ever realized the kind though, or possibly are just not sure how to express their thanks. At least I don’t feel like a Scrooge because I didn’t do anything.
      The donuts got places in the common kitchen… they were gone in five minutes, ha. Otherwise I would have shared.

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