This time of year seems to bring out the best in us, we donate to charities, buy gifts for those in need and some even donate their time.

On the rare occasion we find a few bucks on the ground, we tend to think, “Hey! It must be my lucky day,” and go on our merry way. Some might use the new found cash to by a lottery ticket, to see just how lucky they really are, others might treat themselves or someone else to something special and a handful just might try and find that monies rightful home.

But what would you do if you found $10,000 on the ground?

While the chances of that ever happening may feel like they are slim to none, it became a reality for Mitch Gilbert when he found two unmarked Caesar’s Palace envelopes at the Las Vegas airport. Inside each envelope Gilbert found an astonishing $5,000 causing him to nearly fall over.

So what next? A mega shopping spree? All the toys his kids have ever wanted? Or maybe paying off that Christmas debt? Nope.

When the plane landed and Gilbert was safe at home his search for the rightful owner of the $10,000 began with a phone call to the airport. Persistence is key; the Las Vegas airport could not take Gilbert’s name for policy reasons, but that did not discourage him one bit.

I wanted to show my kids the right thing to do,” Gilbert said while recounting the events in an interview with NBC Washington.

Eventually Caesars Palace was able to put Gilbert in contact with a man who reported losing two Caesar’s Palace envelopes “full of cash.” The man was in El Paso, Texas.

In a phone interview with Jim Vance on NBC Washington’s Nightly News Vance questioned Gilbert’s motives for returning the lost cash, noting what a grand example he was setting “for his kids.”

I kept thinking to myself what it would be like if I lost that money,” Gilbert told Vance, “and it made me sick to my stomach.”

The money has made its way back into the correct hands and Gilbert, who grew up in Washington DC, has become something of a small town hero restoring faith in humanity. Vance’s segment with Gilbert, which went on to divulge both Gilbert and Vance’s true age, concluded with Vance making sure Gilbert knew next time he was in DC that Vance would be picking up the dinner tab.


2 thoughts on “Humanity isn’t dead

    • I thought it was an amazing story as well, a great bit about how humanity hasn’t all fallen apart as many may think.

      Your Christmas post was great, your daughter is adorable :) Thanks for stopping by.

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