A My City is Rome New Years Eve?

My boss is not the type to really care what you have going on in your life. On the rare once a month occasion she may pretend and at the very least about once a week – or at least prior to the holidays – will wish you on your merry way. My boss typically sits in her office, answers her calls, makes the schedule and does all of that other boss stuff. She watches us like a scientist watches the moving molecules in a microscope, but very rarely does she even act like she cares what you have going on. It is possible that my early day request off have added up, or that my bruises in the office made more of a statement then was aware of because today as I sat at my desk, wishing my lunch had not made me so sleepy, wishing that I was not freezing and debating a coffee my boss stopped by and asked me if I would be going to a My City is Rome show New Years Eve.

Okay so she didn’t say “My City is Rome” but she did say “the band” which in her lingo means My City is Rome, seeing as it is the only band I have taken off to go see.

I am not sure my boss has me figured out yet, but I would not expect her too. One of my favorite (yep I said it) things about my work relationships is that everyone sees me day in and day out – hair done nice, make up on, nice shirts, tattoos covered and piercings out – rarely do people expect me to look as I do outside work every day. They get this astonished and shocked look on their face when they see the outside of work me, jaws tend to drop when they realize my septum (*that is the “bull” piercing for those of you wondering) is pierced and the ring is always tucked away in my nostrils while I am at work.

While my boss may not have gotten the tattoos, short shorts and piercings figured out, she has figured out that I have a taking to shows. However I cannot confirm that she even knows what type of music “the band” plays.

I answered her question with an upset yet excitedNo.” As much fun as it would be to see “the band” take stage that night and ring in the New Year, well that drunken opportunity is not at hand.

2 thoughts on “A My City is Rome New Years Eve?

  1. Hi,
    I think there are 2 sides to a lot of people, the working side and the person not at work. We all look different outside of work, I think it’s great it keeps everyone guessing. :D

    1. I totally agree. As someone who visually looks very different in work and out of, I always enjoy watching the expersions of others when they see “my other persona.”

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