There are some stories that take a lot of courage for anyone to tell – I for example have my own – this 18 year old boy has the courage and wisdom beyond his years.

Ben Breedlove has struggled since about the age of 13 months old with a life-threatening heart condition. Before Christmas Ben posted the below YouTube videos that told everyone about his life struggle.

On Christmas morning Ben passed away while playing in the backyard with is little brother. His life had been taken by this life-threatening heart condition.

The strength and courage that it took Ben to post his videos is unbelievable. He presented his story in a way that touched your heart, but did not beg you to pity him. Ben posted his videos a few days before Christmas, his family found them shortly after he passed, calling them their “last Christmas gift.”

Rest in peace Ben, may you look down on us all and give us the courage to tell our stories as well.

You can read more about Ben HERE.

8 thoughts on “Courage

  1. Hi,
    Very emotional videos, Ben has certainly been through a great deal in his life, and it must of taken a lot of courage to put his story out there, and I’m sure it will also help those that are in a similar position.

    1. I can only imagine how hard telling that must have been or how proud his parents must be of him. What an amazing message to leave behind.

    1. Agreed. When I saw it I shared in the office and well all nearly cried. One co-worker commented on how her son as asthma and she has been so worked up about that, but after watching Ben’s videos she was able to put things into perspective and was happy that her son only has asthma.
      Thanks for the repost!

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