My First Blogging Award?!

I have seen this award floating around on the sites of a few others. When I first saw it I thought, “man that is cool… maybe one day I will get one too.” Never would I have expected that that day would be a few months later.

As the year comes to an end JoeBeans2002, or John, nominated me for the great honor of the Versatile Blogger Award, it came as a complete shock and huge honor to say the very least. I have only been seriously, and I use seriously loosely, blogging for a few months now attempting to find my footing, the ground and take that running start towards a blog that screams success. John was one of the first bloggers that began following me and in return I began following back, along with the other few early followers of my blog, the encouragement and support that John has given me (as well as the rest of you out there) has helped oohgioia transform into something more real. John’s blog, Is It Possible To See It All, has taken me on adventures I hope to one day experience myself and has introduced me to music I probably would have never discovered.

Thank you John for both supporting me and nominating me for this award.

 The Versatile Blogger Award comes with a few more steps past acknowledging the blogger who nominated you for it. The next step is to nominate 15 other bloggers and make them aware of their nomination and the final step is to share with you all seven random things about me.

Drum roll please…                 

  1. Indulge – Travel, Adventure, & New Experiences
    Lesley Carter was the first person to like a post on my blog, before that day I think I honestly had no idea that “liking” a blog was even possible. Lesley is a free spirited adventure, to say the least. She live the life that many of us wish to live and records is so eloquently that it feels like you are there. I am sure she has been nominated for this award multiple times, but it just would not be right if I didn’t nominate her (again).
  2. Green Mountain Scribes
    Green Mountain Scribes brings, well the news to my WordPress feed. Green Mountain Scribes goes beyond the War happening in Iraq and the presidential nominees and addresses those hard hitting stories that seem to be swept beneath the rug.
  3. Magsx2
    Magsx2 has been a loyal follower of mine since the beginning; Magsx2 reads my post and leaves a comment as well. I could not ask for a better follower. Magsx2’s blog, Anything, has provided me with some good laughs and trivia.
  4. A Confederacy of Spinsters
    These three sisters have me cracking up, I absolutely love them. Their blog is raw and real – nothing is held back. Ladies please, give these girls a gander and gentlemen, stop by I am sure they will make you laugh and possibly give you some insight on us women.
  5. My Wife Doesn’t Think I’m Funny
    While that may be true, you sir I find to be hilarious, I envy your ability to  put your life stories out there in a way that have me Laughing Out Loud in the office.  Your blog brings me joy every day – or at least every time you update. If you are this funny in words, I can only imagine how funny you would be over a cup of coffee or after a few (light – since you’re on that health kick) beers.
  6. In Her Chucks
    God did I love my chucks back in the day; I fell for this mom when on Who Is In Her Chucks? Appeared a wonderful picture of a bride in her white gown and classic high tops – in my book, that is instant respect (and envy). Believe it or not that was just the beginning, In Her Chucks is the journey of a mom, musician and teacher going everywhere in her Chucks, it was the life (or almost the life) that all my high school friends assumed I would live.
  7. Simple Speedy Snacks
    I just recently made my way into the kitchen fulfilling that womanly calling, or something like that, which drew me to blogs about food. Her blog was a mission to share healthy speedy snacks that anyone can make and boy-o-boy do they look delicious. Another thing I really love about her blog is the simple recipes, while you would assume that comes with simple snacks I have found that is not always the case. When I have my own kitchen, expect to hear about my Simple Speedy Snack cooking adventures – once I figure out what all the ingredients are.
  8. Joyful Girl
    There is just something about Libby that makes me smile, it could quite possibly be that infectious smile that is in the banner on every page. Libby’s blog title, Joyful Girl says it all about her blog she is a true optimist highlighting the beauty in the everyday.
  9. The Book of Elijah
    The story about being a father and learning about God through a new baby boy. I love how The Book of Elijah chronicles Elijah’s life and his father’s life lessons, it a) makes for a wonderful read for parents and nonparents (like myself) and b) will be a wonderful gift to Elijah when he is older. It is a recap of his early life beyond just the photographs.
  10. Downtown Romantic
    I am a sucker for good photography and still looking for assistance with my fashion sense while attempting to expand my recipe folder – a Downtown Romantic helps with it all, not to mention her blog has the elegant feel of a classy night out on the town. If you’re looking for an elegant well rounded blog, I highly recommend you check it out.
  11. Metal Delirium
    This is everything I had ever hoped and dreamed The Mosh Pit would be. I have a strong taste for metal music, and well this gets the job done and is more appealing to the eye then many other metal blogs I have come across.
  12. Parenting 2.0
    Sure I have no children of my own, nor do I have plans for a little bundle of joy any time soon, but I am still a sucker for blogs about kids. Indulge on another parenting journey gaining a few helpful tips along the way.
  13. From the Chuckwagon
    I grew up camping at least once a month, that being said these campfire stories and adventures are right up my alley. Along with the Chuckwagon takes you can find recipes, poetry and more.
  14. Topicless bar
    Williams laughs about his life, the things that he sees and the events occurring around him. His blog is a chronicle of his life with a splash of comedy thrown in.
  15.  The Middlest Sister
    The Middlest Sister reminds me of a family friendly version of South Park, although I am not sure that is the comparison she was aiming for… The Middlest Sister takes supplies from her house, such as construction paper, and molds it together to create art that tells her story about being the middlest sister growing up (and even now as an adult). Her cartoons are fun, and well safe for the family, while bring back childhood memories from when you (the reader) were growing up.

If you have made it this far in the post then man you must really want to know some random facts about me, so without further a-due, no extra waiting just a bit more of reading here are seven random fact about me.

  1. I learned how to spell my last name by singing the BINGO song and swapping Bingo for Gioia and “his name-o” for “my name-o”… feel free to give it a try.
  2. A little over 22 years ago my Dad called my grandmother to say himself and my Mom would not be making her birthday dinner. After taking a brutal verbal bashing from her as to how important this day was for her to spend with her family, my Dad told her they were missing out because my Mom was busy having her grandbaby – I was born that evening. My grandmother and I have the same birthday.
  3. My two front teeth are fake; when I was in fifth grade I ended up singing the line “Santa all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth,” again after having already lost my baby teeth… it was a bike accident on Halloween.
  4. After getting my teeth temporarily fixed and braces put on, later in fifth grade I left a braces cut in a girls forehead… she was taller than me. Lesson learned – do not run the opposite direction of everyone else during tag…
  5. When I was in eighth grade I was pronounced brain dead, lost three pints of blood and broke five bones. Aside from my teeth, those are the only bones I have ever broken.
  6. I worry every day that the next day I may not have my job any more.
  7. Despite having had blogs on WordPress for a few years now, I still have no idea how to use many features of the site… like how in the world do I make it so when I leave a comment on your post that you can click on my name and visit oohgioia? Someone please help me.

Thank you to all of you who follow my blog or even just have stopped by for a read or two. Your support and encouragement means more to me then you will ever probably know.


**UPDATE: Jan. 03, 2012 – Again unexpectedly I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award, this time by Literarydormouse, and I cannot thank him enough. Honestly, I had never ventured to his page before, but I am so grateful that he had mine (and I will be stopping by for a good read soon). In the brief post and About section that I have read I am sure I will enjoy his blog. Liberarydormouse, thank you for the nomination, the best of luck to you in your last year of university and in your journalistic/writing life and of course — happy early 23rd birthday!

18 thoughts on “My First Blogging Award?!

    1. It so was, it was also challenging. Thanks again. The blogging community is so much greater then I even imagined it might be.

    1. Ah thank you so much. The “award” seemed chainmail-ish but a great way to acknowledge some other great bloggers. Thanks for stopping by :)

  1. I think if you leave a comment on someone else’s page in WordPress, and you are signed in to your WordPress it automatically sets it up so your name is your link back to you. I am pretty sure it’s automatic, I never did anything and mine does that. I think….. :)

    1. Maybe I just don’t see the link on my name since I am logged in as me?… I figure in due time I will figure it out. I will have to leave a comment on your page so you can let me know if you can click on my name and be linked back here :) Thanks for the help

    1. Dude, you guys rock. I love reading your page and wish I had found it sooner. Hope you ladies have a wonderful New Year — I can’t wait to read about it.

    1. Ah, your page is great you deserve to be on that list; some of the news I read on your page I just want to shake my computer screen and be like, “Why are other news industries not covering this!” So thank you sir. :)

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