How I rang in 2011

365 days ago this is what I was doing. I was stuck at work, tending to a hotel bar that well… was not as crowed as you might think…

ps. in December 2010 oohgioia or then Heather Gioia obtained a grand total of 8 views, as this year closes December 2011 has obtained 605 views (and hopefully counting). Thank you all for stopping by this year!

If you are in the US remember AAA is providing FREE rides home for YOU and YOUR CAR tonight, so please be smart and don’t drink & drive. AAA member or not, if you need to get home after celebrations tonight give  800-222-4357 a call and get there safe.

Happy New Year — Bring it on 2012!

4 thoughts on “How I rang in 2011

    1. Thanks :) I am really thinking this project might actually stick — it also helps I have a few ideas for upcoming post. Enjoy your first day of the new year!

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