So you think you got what it takes?

My City is Rome, local Northern Virginia metal band, announced Sunday afternoon they are searching for a new vocalist. No official word has come out from the band as to what happened with old singer, Pat, but let’s skip the speculation and drama and jump straight to wishing him good luck in his future adventures […]

oohgioia fact #3 – Bean Butt

For most people, if they do not have a (human) child their pet is the equivalent; it is their baby whom they buy toys, goodies and clothes. For those who are childless and pet less, well it is a lot less common for us to be posting Facebook pictures of anything other than other people’s […]

oohgioia Announcement:

Well Internet, yet another change is coming to oohgioia; are you ready?  Today I am excited to announce that Fridays will become oohgioia fact Fridays.  Again, for all you new readers, oohgioia facts are (hopefully) quick one topic post with a fact about me. The hope is that you can learn more about me through […]

The Power of a Thank You

I grew up in a family where Thank Yous, specifically cards, were very important, especially around big holidays/events like Christmas. They were so important to some of my extended family members that if they sent you a Christmas gift and you did not send them a Thank You note back — well you no longer […]

Bring a Friend

Tomorrow is Bring a Friend day on Good Mythical Morning hosted by Rhett and Link, so I am inviting you to be my friend and join me tomorrow in watching Good Mythical Morning (GMM). What is GMM? GMM is a morning talk show hosted by long time friends, YouTube stars and ICF’s Commercial Kings. It […]


I am not going to lie Internet, I am rather upset that I missed this hash tag fun on Twitter this past Thursday, January 19, 2012. Turns out those Meet the Farmers commercials McDonald’s has been parading around on TV was just the beginning of their, “look at how fresh and real we are” campaign. Thursday McDonald’s took […]

Kudos to Heather!

I apologize in advance for quite possibly sounding cocky – Having had been in the customer service industry for just about all of my working life I tend to pride myself on my customer service skills. In my time in the industry I held many jobs, more jobs then I can count on both my […]