What a Party Animal!

It was Saturday, December 31 and unlike any other weekend I did not have a single complaint about sitting around at home and reserving my energy for that evening.

It was time to ring in 2012 and say good bye to 2011.

What better way to do that then with some homemade margaritas, good friends and board games?

Jared and his friend Kyle were put in charge of planning the holiday activities after Megan, Kyle’s girlfriend headed down to Florida to spend Christmas with her family. Megan and I had our doubts about leaving the boys in charge and were fully prepared to end up sitting around listening to Jared and Kyle talk about music all night. But to our surprise the boys pulled off quite the get together.

Not only did they plan for us to make homemade margaritas and play board games, but they had gotten decorations tooMegan and I were impressed.

Jared juicing lemons and limes for the homemade sour mix at the drink station

Our margaritas were as homemade as they get without making the tequila yourself (which would be hard since we don’t live in Mexico to get fresh blue agave). We had the liquor [from the store] and then made the sour mix ourselves… aside from the grocery store and bar I used to work at; it was the most lemons and limes I had ever seen at one time.

Using the new Black and Decker juicer I bought we juiced 15 lemons and eight limes pouring the mixture of juice into a giant pitcher. Once everything was juiced I added about three table spoons of sugar and stirred. The sour mix was ready.

Margaritas were one of my favorite drinks to mix as a bartender (them and Long Island Ice Teas) so I stepped up with my tin cup and began making drinks for everyone, despite the drink station that Jaredhad helped me set up.

Playing Apples to Apples

Soon two rounds of margaritas had been served – about six shots of liquor each – and we were so far into Apples to Apples that we nearly missed the end of 2011.

At about 11:47pm on Dec. 31 we brought the game to a wrap and stepped outside so those that needed a smoke break could get one and well, we could all cool off from the intense gaming and liquor.

I swear moments later we all heard Megan shout from inside the house, “EIGHT SECONDS TILL MIDNIGHT!”

We all charged back in as a drunken mess, afterI figured out how to open the door.

With less than 20 seconds till the New Year we all gathered around the TV, beneath the balloon drop Kyle and Jared had planned out. As the countdown began Jared’s hand was on the rip corded and we all had two poppersin our hands.

2012 Balloon Drop


I could have just been really drunk, but I swear it was all a blur. Before I knew it we all were yelling “ONE! HAPPY NEW YEAR” and I was tugging at the cord on my poppers releasing a blast of confetti into the living room. I don’t remember the balloon drop at all. Suddenly my poppers were popped and lost in the sea of excitement and wave of confetti and I found myself sitting on the floor popping balloons with my butt along side of Megan.

At about 12:15am New Years Day 2012 Megan and I were sitting in the living room talking while the boys were downstairs taking a musical journey down memory lane.

Jared and I have our drunk New Years Eve faces on

“It’s funny,” Megan began to say. “We should have kissed them [the boys] at midnight, and here it is the New Year and they are still nowhere to be found.”  *Well.. she said something along those lines*

I only remember watching the TV at the beginning of that 20 seconds till the New Year, I don’t remember seeing the ball drop, no one kissed and I didn’t even see Jared (and by see I mean remember seeing) until we all moved outside to cool down, make noise and so that all the smokers could finish smoking. But despite the blur, it was one of the best New Years Eve celebrations I have taken part in.

New Years Eve Success

5 thoughts on “Homemade Margaritas, Board Games and a Balloon Drop – Why, Hello 2012

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  2. Such a nice blog… Those puppies are my Grandbabies.. Emma and Ally… Those humans Megan and Kyle would be my kids… Happy New Years.. 2013

    • Hey! Thanks for stopping by :) Kyle and Megan are awesome, Jared and I always have a wonderful time with them and enjoyed ringing in 2013 with them as well. I hope you had a Happy New Year, have a wonderful 2012 and that I might get to meet you all next time youe in town!

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