Possibly, if you pay nearly as much attention to detail on the site as I expect you to, you have notices that in the menu at the top of the screen a new option has appeared – oohgioia facts. You probably wondered to yourself, “What could this be?” when you clicked on it and found no results… unless of course you click it now where you’ll now find this post (and possibly more depending on when you click).

I have been searching for a way to disclose more about my life to you all – no, to share things with you that does not require a seven chapter novel of background, seriously who would read through all of that (besides me)?

When I was in college I did this project for a communication class; I was instructed to pick on person and document the communication I had with them for one month and what emotions arose from it (I also had to communicat with them every day). The project seemed simple enough and I chose Jared since I was sure I would communicate with him at least once every day for a month. The final assignment was to hand in a report, or essentially our communication diary with the person and analyze a few interactions the minimum page requirement was around seven pages (there was no max).

My project, documenting, reflecting and analyzing was complete – I hit print. 40 some odd pages later I had no way to bind my project and was sure the professor was going to strangle me. I remember handing it in and saying to the professor something like, “Okay, I am really sorry, but my project is really long. I went way over the seven pages… but I felt like my reflections required a lot of background to fully understand. I am sorry.”

I think the teacher half listened to what I was saying and responded with something like, “Oh okay that is fine.” Little did she know I was about to place a novel on her desk.

The final step in the Versatile Blogger award gave me a great idea as to how to disclose these facts that might be background for a future post and just random things about me to know – break them down into individual facts or post.

My first seven oohgioia facts will dive more into the story behind each of the seven random facts listed in my Versatile Blogger award post. Each fact will be its own unique post and hopefully not some crazy long short story.

It’s time to get personal.

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