oohgioia fact #2 – Work

So my boss told me today, post a general meeting between herself, me and two other associates, to “stay after class.” A shiver ran down my spine and my stomach churned not quite being sure what she may want to say to me – just me.

ohgioia fact # 2 (aka random fact six from my Versatile Blogger award) – I am terrified everyday that I will come to work and find out I have no job.

I currently work in internal HR for a larger company, my position was created when I was “hired” and really still seems to be a tad unclear. In September of this past year I started my first “real” job… as a temp-to-hire. I got the call that I had gotten “the assignment” the day after I interviewed and started the following week. It was by far the best interview I have ever had, I was confident, prepared, asked questions and carried on casual conversation. My pay had been outlined by my temp agency and so had the possible salary, taking that question off the table; but I still wanted to know how long I would be a “temp?”

So I asked. The response was three to six months; December 26 marked three months with the company and I have been biting my nails and feeling like I am sitting on pins and needles ever since.

My position being newly created, does not have as much work as they anticipated leaving me sitting around reading company policies most of the time and working on random projects for my boss when they come up.

Today we had training on how to process new hires and re-hires, or at least began to outline how that training would take place. It gave me a good sense of confidence that I was there and they were talking about processes that I will be involved with past March – it was like a breath of fresh air.

But then came the, “Heather I need to talk to you alone after class…” and suddenly my nerves were making me sick. What could she have to say… what could it be… Turns out it was two things, which while you are sitting unsure if what you are about to hear is going to make you want to jump up and yell horary or cry your eyes out because you feel like you failed… well waiting for point two sucks.

Turns out I am getting more responsibilities and access; I will slowly becoming the HR triage team for my area. If you are wondering what that means it basically means my boss doesn’t have time to dibby out the work so now I will. It may seem like a simple task, passing out other tasks, but at the same time I know it is some greater responsibility because my boss held this job for most likely the last three years.

It is a nerve racking challenge, learning two brand new things that I will be responsible for at the same time, but I am up for it. Plus, they wouldn’t invest all this time and money in me to toss me away in March… would they?

Only time will tell, my nails have nearly been chewed off due to the anxiety of not knowing what will happen. Every day I wait for the phone call from the temp agency with good news or bad news and  I just always hope for the best.

4 thoughts on “oohgioia fact #2 – Work

    1. I am glad to hear that :) My fingers are crossed I will find out soon so my heart wont keep racing every time my boss says she needs to talk to me or I get a phone call.

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