My best friend has been trying to convince me I should look for a job in DC (where I won’t have to deal with this unknowing temp status). I keep trying to explain to her how much more terrible that would make the commute while attempting to describe the traffic that backs up as commuters try to head over the 14th Street Bridge at 9:20 in the morning.

Seeing as Sheryl just graduated college this past month she is currently on the job hunt (despite her Mom having had bugged her about it for the last four or so years). However, in hunting for herself she just seems to be finding a bunch of jobs she thinks I should apply for (ironically, when I was job hunting I did the same thing and sent her every job I thought she might be a good fit for). Every job she mentions to me is in DC, Washington DC, the District of Columbiais she insane?

9:22am; traffic begins to back up before the 14th St. Bridge

I used to have this pretty cool job where I would give out free samples of beer at bars, grocery stores and liquor stores… in DC. Not a single promotion began prior to 2pm, yet the commute from Northern Va (NOVA) into DC was still something I would grind my teeth about having to bear. If it still took longer than expected in the afternoon before rush hour and then again in the evening after rush hour, I could not imagine what that typical 9 to 5 drive was like.

When I started my current job and swapped the hours from 8-5 to 10-7 I assumed the commute would be that much easier. (Previously traveling to Arlington, which is before DC when you are coming from where I live in NOVA, it would take me about an hour and a half to get to work and over two to get home – the drive is routed to be 45 minutes.) While my commute cut down to only an hour each way, it still was no a 45 minute drive like it was routed to be.

The new hours also allowed me to take the HOV lanes (High Occupancy Vehicle lanes usually only open to commuters with three passengers or more) to and from. However, on I-395N (for any of you who might be traveling north from Virginia, this is important to know) there are no exits off the HOV until the Pentagon or DC. Taking the HOV suddenly meant back tracking to get to work, believe it or not, but it is still faster than driving on I-395N main lanes. I exit every morning around 9:15/9:20am at the Pentagon, just before the 14 Street Bridge entering into DC, and yes… all the traffic.

The line of cars to the left are all heading into DC across the 14th St Bridge

Sheryl also suggested taking the Metro… just Google the DC Metro to find out all the problems they have been having.

4 thoughts on “DC Commute? You must be crazy

    • I actually applied for the job because I thought my job was to sample the beer, ha. It was pretty cool and I liked doing it, but that commute into DC sucked and I only got like two shifts a month for a total of three hours if I was lucky… the money just did not add up to be worth it. :(

  1. Trust me I know what your saying. I commute from Winchester to Fairfax everyday. That’s why I just got my work schedule crammed into 3 days so that I don’t have to do it more than that. Besides the traffic the gas alone can kill you. At least the beginning and end of my commute are fun to look at. I mean the sunrise over the mountain and the pretty blue ridge as I come around the bends…. At least that parts not so bad.

    • I love when I hit the Pentagon exit and DC is in the early morning light :) I get just what you are saying… if only I had something that nice to look at on the way home, it is all dark :/

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