I am a little frustrated guys, not only did my meatballs last night not turn out as I imagined they would, but a co-worker of mine also brought to my attention what I feel is a very disturbing video.

The video has gone viral in the last few days and in all honesty, when I watched it and read the articles on it I could feel my face turning red. I am heated. I honestly want to find the girl in this video and slap some sense into her… sorry for that.

It is that time of year again, our stomachs love it while our waste line and wallets don’t – it’s Girl Scout Cookie time. And while your local news media may have covered the release of a new Girl Scout Cookie this year, welcome to the menu, Savannah Smiles a cookie named for founder of Girl Scouts Juliet Low in honor of the 100th anniversary; other news attention has turned to Taylor, the California teen Girl Scout who is boycotting the sale of Girl Scout Cookies and calling for others to join her.

As if it were not bad enough us Americans will probably face a run on Twinkies in the near future as maker Hostess Brands is preparing to go back into bankruptcy (the company previously completed bankruptcy hearings in 2004), but now this girl also wants us to give up our Girl Scout Cookies? Oh she better have a good reason.

Taylor is calling for all Americans to boycott the purchase of (delicious) Girl Scout Cookies because the GSUSA chapter of Colorado voted to allow a 7-year-old transgender boy into a Girl Scout Troop. She goes on to argue that this decision goes against all that Girl Scouts stands for, teaches, supports and defies the image they have instilled in Americans.

Taylor appears in her eight plus minute video wearing her khaki sash, as a previous Girl Scout and from simply searching the GSUSA site one can find that Taylor is at the Cadettes level of Girl Scout. (For any of you that are better familiar with Boy Scouts then Girl Scouts, the ranking it not the same; in Boy Scouts you must reach certain achievements before you level up, in Girl Scouts you just have to get older.) The Cadettes level of Girl Scouts as stated in the Girl Scouts Glossary as “Girls in the 6, 7, or 8 grade-level,” this means unless Taylor was held back many times she is somewhere between 11 and 15 years old.

In the video Taylor makes claims about how allowing this transgendered boy into a Girl Scout troop threatens the safety of herself and her fellow scouts. She continues to claim that the transgendered boy was only allowed into a Girl Scout troop for believing he was is a girl, which GSUSA and Girl Scouts of Colorado said is not true that the boy was accepted because he believes he is a girl, behaves as one and his family accepts him as one. Taylor continues on this well written eight minute rant bashing the organization that one could assume she had once loved along with a whole community of people.

My hat is off to Lisa Belkin, senior columnist on Life/Work/Family at the Huffington Post. In her recap of the video, Girl Scout Video: What Were Her Parents Thinking? Belkin addresses, well basically what a lot of use watching this video must be thinking, how could her parents let her do this? Belkin also has a very valid point that seems obvious to me as I watch Taylor’s video as well – she had to have had help.

 Note: the orginal video can be found HERE, it has however been privated on YouTube.

I cannot help but wonder what type of threat a transgender 7-year-old boy in Colorado could really pose to this teen in Cali. Nor do I understand how accepting them into Girl Scouts goes against everything Girl Scouts has fought for and established. Yes, Girl Scouts is for girls to grow and develop with one another, yes it is meant to fill that need to do arts, crafts and socialize together. Sure studies have shown girls can “be more themselves” and talk about “certain things” around girls that “they can’t boys;” but wait… this is not a boy who behaves or lives a boyish life style and how many “girl things” aside from Barbie are seven year olds really talking about?

I applauded this transgendered boys parents and the GSUSA organization for the decision they made. Taylor has a rude awakening when she realizes the world is not all rainbows and lolly-pops. I cannot help but wonder what would happen if the parents of this boy had not told anyone he is a boy, from pictures he looks like an adorable little girl. Rachelle Trujillo, vice president of communication for Girl Scouts of Colorado noted (in a Christian Post report) that Girl Scout troops “don’t require any proof of gender,” that being stated, what is to say that there are not other unknown transgender boys already places in Girl Scout troops? I never had to drop my pants to get a uniform.

Aside from the nonsensical arguments that Taylor has made thus far, she also argues that GSUSA broke her trust and the trust of everyone by not being “honest” about this, while no – on the GSUSA site you will not find any flashy banner announcing the decision made regarding this transgender boy, you can find numerous news stories online – what did Taylor want a personalized email?

Sure, hate me cause I am picking on this teen age brat girl, but I’ll argue I am fighting for acceptance. I was (and very well might possibly still be) a Girl Scout for years, I started as a wee Daisy scout in kindergarten and worked my way up. Before I graduated high school as a Senior level Girl Scout I had earned both my Silver and Gold awards and was beginning to watch the program tumble down hill.

In my last few years as an active Girl Scout the program began to go under many new models, searching for a fresh eye catching, girl grasping theme – this was also probably about when Taylor joined scouts if she did in kindergarten. Suddenly the program had gone from camping, spelunking, crafting, baking and all around good (mostly) clean fun to pink, purple, flowers, charm bracelets, make up and cupcakes.

Bobby Montoya, the 7-year-old transgender boy who wants to be a Girl Scout, well even though getting the approval to become one; Bobby never got to join a troop.

After Girl Scouts of Colorado made their decision three different Christian troop leaders located in Colorado quit their positions and dissolved their troops.

Way to stick to your guns Girl Scouts let Taylor make no money to go on that spa trip she wants to, although a weekend in the outdoors might be just what she needs. I hope that Bobby will find a troop that is not so closed minded and will accept him as he is.

*Note: I also do not see the harm in it as I, a girl, attended many Boy Scout outings… as a girl. GSUSA is taking transgender cases on a case-by-case base as I think they should, there is a grave difference between a horny 15-year-old boy trying to join and a transgender boy who believes he is and behaves as if he is a girl.

Transgender is simply a person that feels like they were born in the “wrong body,” or with the wrong anatomies according to the Intersex Society of North America. To be transgender someone does not need to undergo any types of operations, though some transgender people may choose to.

I for one will be buying Girl Scout Cookies this year, what about you internet?


5 thoughts on “A Girl Scout Cookie Dilemma

    • Isn’t it just crazy? I was so upset when I hear about this. I am glad to hear that you agree… in an enraged post I began to worry I went overboard. Enjoy your Girl Scout Cookies.

  1. I already ordered mine from a sweet girl scout that lives in my neighborhood… however I won’t get to eat any because Tyler will eat them all before I get to them! That just means I’ll have to buy more just to support the troop and his cookie habit!

    • haha that’s awesome. I have to get some for Jared and I, I have been waiting for a girl scout to come to the door… but I think I might miss her with my work schedule. I think people might look at me funny (and possibly call the police) if I start going door to door in search of a girl scout or wait outside a school lol.

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