A friend of mine finally stepped up to the plate and started her own blog, The Haught Lady… so of course I frequent it to see what new things she has posted.

The Haught Lady is still easing its way into becoming another great blog, looking for the post lay out footing, the followers and support. While she may be located over at Blogspot, I urge you to take a moment out of your day and stop by.

The Haught Lady, aka Kim, posted a review of a recipe that she had found online the other day that I just had to give a try – Sweet & Spicy Bacon Chicken. I mean chicken wrapped in bacon, what could be better?

I tweaked Kim’s recipe, which was a tweak of the original to be a dinner for two… I needed a dinner for three to ensure I had leftovers for the lunch today so I added more chicken and cut into halves rather than thirds. (Although, upon review it appears that that my chicken breast was the size of Kim’s sliced into thirds.)

The only part of Kim’s recipe I was not a huge fan of was the lack of precise directions. I know cooking and baking are art forms and a lot of the seasoning amounts you put into each dish is meant to meet the taste buds of the person getting ready to enjoy. But, as someone new to cooking the about 1 tsp. type measurement for things like salt, pepper and chili powder are extremely helpful.

Want the recipe to give it a try on your own? Visit The Haught Lady and she’ll hook you up, in the meantime my Sweet & Spicy Bacon Chicken Success


Seasoned Chicken Bites

Chicken wrapped in Bacon and rolled in Brown Sugar


Hot & fresh out of the oven




4 thoughts on “Cooking with The Haught Lady

    • It was really good. Thats funny your going to wait for it to cool down, cause when i warms abck up I might try it on the grill. Let me know how it turns out if your try it.

  1. Thanks for the shout out darling! I am subscribed and ready to stalk you now. :-) Also, thanks for the critique on the measurements… very good point. Yay for blogging! One love xoxo

    • Thanks for the recipe :) it was awesome. I am subcribed to you as well and ready to endure your blogging adventure. Oh! Mine needed more chili powder too… despite it looking like I emptied the jar onto the chicken, ha… or maybe I used to much brown sugar… who knows, either way it was great.

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