I am pretty sure they know me when I call and place an order, I am not sure if they have caller ID… but they sure do know the first six digits of my phone number. This could very well mean I order take out Chinese way too often, but I like to think that I am and have developed a relationship with these restaurant owners and employees.

Having no experience in a Chinese restaurant, I have no idea how fortune cookies work. I assume they have a large box that they reach in and grab from then toss them into the bag of food ordered.

Along with my delicious General Tso Chicken last night I got this…


Thanks Golden House.

4 thoughts on “Fortune Cookie

  1. What’s so crazy sad is that so few fortune cookies actually have “fortunes” in them. This one is an “observation.” Some contain “maxims” or “sage advice.” Have people forgotten how to write these things anymore?

    • I honestly can not remember the last “fortune” fortune cookie I got, I am not sure many exist in this sea of statements and observations oh which there are so many that they have become the norm.

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