If you have not already heard, the closure vote on PIPA that were scheduled for this upcoming Tuesday, January 24, has been postponed after the online protest that took place this past Wednesday, January 18.

The protest brought a new ray of light to both PIPA  and SOPA, opening senators’ eyes to the faults of each bill.

This morning Senator Harry Reid from Nevada released a statement from Washington D.C. which stated the vote on PIPA would be postponed. Reid went on to say, “I admire the work that Chairman Leahy has put into this bill. I encourage him to continue engaging with all stakeholders to forge a balance between protecting American’s intellectual property, and maintaining openness and innovation on the internet.”

SOPA and PIPA both came under fire during last night’s CNN Republican Debate, where all remaining candidates stated positions against both SOPA and PIPA due to the extreme measures they call to be taken. While they all argued that something needed to be done to stop the piracy of American creations, Ron Paul was the one who hit the nail on the head stating the following during last night’s debate:

This bill [SOPA] is not going to pass, but watch out for the next one.


2 thoughts on “The first steps to success

  1. Hi,
    The worst part of all this is that it is only on the back burner so to speak, it is not dead and buried, they’ll let things cool down, and they will bring in a different bill that will be just as bad but under a different name. :(

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