I know, I know; goal — “Unless something EXTREMELY exciting happens, take weekends off.” Yet here it is, Saturday afternoon and I am posting.

This weekend is just off to such a great lazy start that I could not resist.

Friday evening began with arriving home from work to find a tiny package waiting for me in the kitchen.

It had finally come, my Triforce ring. Thanks oohmygeekness the ring is more amazing then I ever imagined.

Then, as the news predicted… the winter weather finally began.

Before passing out in bed after a long day at work (& an early morning yoga work out) Jared and I decided that a quarter till midnight was a great time to make some homemade orange juice.

It was the best glass of OJ that I have ever drank.

This morning I awoke to a “winter scene” outside; cars covered in a coat of ice and snow, the grass barely peaking through providing burst of color in the white canvas the outdoors had become.

Heading upstairs for my third and probably un-needed cup of coffee I found yet another tiny package surprise.

I found these coasters weeks before Christmas and knew Jared and I had to have them for our home.
And now we do, thanks RockStarHottie they are the perfect addition to our humble abode.


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