Kudos to Heather!

I apologize in advance for quite possibly sounding cocky –

Having had been in the customer service industry for just about all of my working life I tend to pride myself on my customer service skills. In my time in the industry I held many jobs, more jobs then I can count on both my hands, and may be even my toes (for a while I would only hold a job for a few months before getting a new one). But with each and every job I had I brought what I had learned from the last and learned in my life.

My parents raised me to be respectful, but not afraid to speak my mind or speak up about what I thought… even if it was to an adult when I was just a wee 12 years old, just as long as I did so in a respectful manner as if I were an adult. That early training set me off on the right foot by far, and it is one of the things that I cannot thank my parents for enough.

All together in my 22 years of living, the last six or so of which have been spent working everything that I have learned had made me what I feel to be a great employee. I don’t brag much, I tend to blush, over heat and get flustered when someone complements me on the work that I have done, but in the end I know I can do my job and I know that I do it well.

My role in my current position in HR is to assist associates all over the US with their HR questions. There is a wide range of topics I need to have a background in so that if and when an associate calls I am armed and ready to be their HR Support. I am like the step one problem solver for the associates of the company and I love to lend my helping hand.

Sometime last week a lady called in who went by the name Liz (despite showing as Mary in the system). I had nearly a 20 minute phone call with her about her inquiry attempting to do my best to solve her problem. By the end of the call we had tried many different things, but it still was not problem solved. Despite that, I provided Liz with the steps to take if our last trouble shot (which she was going to do off the phone) did not work. At that point Liz thanked me for my assistance and asked how she could pass her positive experince along to management.

When I came to work the next day this is what my boss had printed off for me…

If you are having trouble reading the text, click on the image to make it larger :)

It turns out Liz (Mary) is actually a pretty big stakeholder in the company and is at the head of the company’s transition into the future. My boss and her boss both gave me praise and congratulations to which I blushed and said, “Thanks… I was just doing my job.”

8 thoughts on “Kudos to Heather!

  1. Hi,
    Isn’t it great when a customer takes the time to say Thank You for all your help, and then actually sends an e-mail to the powers that be, and what a wonderful e-mail, and then to find out who this person actually was must of blown you away.
    Congrats, and Well Done, you should not only be happy, but very proud of the way you handled the situation.

    1. Ah, thank you so much. It is awesome when someone takes the time to say, “good job,” I think to many people forget to go that. I was rather shocked when I found out that they had actually sent the message and that they sent it right after getting off the phone with me. Thanks again.

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