oohgioia Announcement:

Well Internet, yet another change is coming to oohgioia; are you ready? 

Today I am excited to announce that Fridays will become oohgioia fact Fridays

Again, for all you new readers, oohgioia facts are (hopefully) quick one topic post with a fact about me. The hope is that you can learn more about me through these posts and that further post won’t need as much background detail. 

Although, I warn you – some of my facts will simply be for fun, not always be useful (for future post). 

oohgioia fact Fridays will work like this; every Friday from now until I say otherwise I will post one oohgioia fact

The fact will come at some point on Friday prior to 11:55 pm Eastern Time

As always if you miss the fact, want to read it again or find older facts you can do so via the oohgioia facts tab in the menu at the top of the page. 

Enjoy Internet.

Is there some fact you want to know? Leave a comment or send an email to oohgioia@gmail.com with your fact request.

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