A weekend post?

I know, I know; goal — “Unless something EXTREMELY exciting happens, take weekends off.” Yet here it is, Saturday afternoon and I am posting. This weekend is just off to such a great lazy start that I could not resist. Friday evening began with arriving home from work to find a tiny package waiting for me in […]

Fortune Cookie

I am pretty sure they know me when I call and place an order, I am not sure if they have caller ID… but they sure do know the first six digits of my phone number. This could very well mean I order take out Chinese way too often, but I like to think that […]

The first steps to success

If you have not already heard, the closure vote on PIPA that were scheduled for this upcoming Tuesday, January 24, has been postponed after the online protest that took place this past Wednesday, January 18. The protest brought a new ray of light to both PIPA  and SOPA, opening senators’ eyes to the faults of […]

Cooking with The Haught Lady

A friend of mine finally stepped up to the plate and started her own blog, The Haught Lady… so of course I frequent it to see what new things she has posted. The Haught Lady is still easing its way into becoming another great blog, looking for the post lay out footing, the followers and […]

oohgioia blackout

Hey internet, I will be joining hundreds of other sites tomorrow, January 18, 2012 in the blackout in protest of SOPA and PIPA. I will resume normal posting after the protest is over. As much as I love posting here for everyone to read this is just to important to me. Other WordPress users can protest by […]

Silly Americans, you don’t own the internet

Possibly those in Congress here in the United States have forgotten that the “www” prior to a web address or domain name stands for “World Wide Web.” In late October 2011 the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) was introduced to the House of Representatives and according to CNN Money, SOPA was expected “sail quickly through […]

Nachos – with an American Twist

I heard somewhere that Apple pie and Mac and Cheese are both very American foods. I can actually recall a Fourth of July while working at Wawa when I asked every customer that bough a pie other then Apple if they weren’t American… and then of course laughed. Nachos – with an American Twist Finally […]