It isn’t really my birthday, but as this was fact number two on the Versatile Blogger post, I thought I would get to it now… plus you will know when my birthday actually is to send me warm wishes, balloons and maybe even sing me a song…

I like to assume it was a glorious spring day, April 16, 1989 when my Mom and Dad were surprised by the arrival of their first baby girl – me. Like all first time parents, in a panic they grabbed everything up, headed out the door, into the car and made their way to the hospital. There was just one important piece of business that had to be addressed first – my Dad had to cancel their attendance to my Grandmother’s birthday dinner.

So there it was late in the afternoon on April 16 and my Dad had to make that dreaded phone call. Now my Grandmother isn’t a whiner, she doesn’t complain and she has a great sense of humor – but family is important and having all of her children (in-law and blood) at her birthday was extremely important. As my Dad recalls it, he called and told my Grandmother, “I am sorry but we won’t be able to make your birthday dinner tonight…

I am not sure if he was going to say why right after, knowing my Dad I would assume no – he is such a jokester– but in the heat of excitement I think he might have let it slip.

May 20, 2011 - My Grandmother made the journey from New Jersey to NOVA to watch me graduate college

But before he could say anything else my Grandmother exclaimed something like, “But it’s my birthday dinner!” (No matter how old we get birthdays always bring out the child in us…)

Little did my Grandmother know she was about to get the best birthday present ever, her first granddaughter… me.

The story got a lot less exciting after my Grandmother stopped being upset so I am not sure what happened next, well except for that part called my birth.

Instead of birthday dinner at my Grandmother’s house everyone in the family gathered at the hospital for the newest addition to the family. The first grandchild, niece and daughter; they all gathered for me.

Twenty-two years have passed since and every April 16 both my Grandmother and I celebrate our birthdays.  For about 16 years now I have lived in Northern Virginia, while my Grandmother has resided in the only home I have ever known her to have in New Jersey. And for the past 16 years on April 16 I have called my Grandmother just to say, “Happy Birthday!” To which she responds, “Heather? Oh, Happy Birthday to you too Heather!”

On occasion she gets a call into me before I get to call her, but the exchange is always glorious in a way I don’t think I can put into words. In my 22 years alive I have yet to meet anyone else with the same birth date as me, it is exciting to know that forever my Grandmother and I will share this one day.


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