Internet, this week as been strange & it is only Wednesday. Nothing has really sweep me up off my feet that I was passionate enough to write about & of course the one thing that did came to me while walking down the street shivering, no pencil, paper or computer in hand. It is hard to recreate that passion about something and even harder to pretend that what you have in front of you now would even match up to what you had once thought up.

These past two weeks I have struggled with my goals. Work has been keeping me a lot busier, making reading and blogging that much harder – but I will not give up. To top it off, I got sick last week; caught a terrible out of the blue knock you down cold. I could barely breath through my nose, doing yoga the days leading up to the cold was getting harder and harder; I could feel the snot dripping down my throat with every exhalation. So I took two days off yoga to sleep in and attempt to recover.

I must have looked rough those two days at work. The first day my boss jumped when I turned around at my cube to say something to her and my co-workers sanitized the entire area. By the time this week rolled around I was feeling much better.

Actually, this week has been exciting. I have been pumped, never more excited about my future and all that this year has in store, but I can’t share it all with you just yet. I am very superstitious and until things are set in stone, well I don’t want to jinx them just yet.

Some exciting news that I can share however is that oohgioia will be gladly welcoming a guest author and a great friend to take the stage. If all works out – and she stops procrastinating – hopefully you will get a fresh new take on oohgioia in the upcoming week.

Bear with me as I get over this cold, put all of my excitement into place and get things all aliened. And do know that I do have future things planned out for oohgioia, I am just in search of the time to make them happen.

Thanks Internet, I knew you would understand.


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