Friday was way too exciting for a lame old fact about be, sorry if you were looking forward to it…

This Monday I got word from my boss, late in the evening after everyone else had left, that the process of hiring me on was moving forward – they had gotten the okay to hire me on. Ecstatic, I keep my cool, smiled and said something like, “awesome.” Going into a few more details that night, my boss explained to me how the recruiter would create the position listing, the top boss would have to check approve on it. Once that was done the job would be posted on the internal web site only to ensure less people would apply for my job.

Once listed the job would have to stay active for three days, during which I would need to apply. My application would go on to the next team that would then put together my new hire packet, including the long awaited offer letter.

After the most casual, including no specifics talk about salary my boss headed out for the day and I sat glowing in my cube – terrified of telling to many people before everything was official.

That night I told Jared.

Tuesday rolled around and later in the evening after everyone had left again I was told they were just waiting for the head boss to check the approve box and my position listing would go live…

Wednesday evening I got the email from my recruiter – the job is posted, here is the listing number, it is posted internally only. Instantly I attempted to apply, only to find out that as a  contract associate I have no access to the internal career page; time to head back to the drawing board and tell everyone that the master plan just wasn’t working out.

Thursday the recruiter IMed me, she posted the job externally – which meant we now risked others applying for the job – she linked me to where to apply & I was actually able to access the job listing. That evening I began to update my cover letter, resume and filling out the application. It was complete before the close of business Thursday evening.

Friday I got a call from the recruiter, my application had been received. She asked a few other general questions, said she would have to talk to my boss and that I would hear from her again early next week. I was excited, but had no idea how I would keep this a secret all weekend long. I hadn’t talked to either of my parents in a week just to I wouldn’t let anything slip and celebrate to early; I hadn’t even told Jared that I actually applied for the job.

A few hours after my lunch I checked my personal email to find a message that had the words “offer letter” in the subject line. Knowing that no one else in my department knew about the change in my job status, I had to wait another three hours before opening the email. Finally everyone was gone… I opened the email, there from the  HR Service Delivery Team I found this;

Hi Heather,

Congratulations on your offer of employment…

Included was all of my new hire paper work, including that offer letter I have been waiting for. The last half hour at work was horrid. I wanted to jump up and down, I wanted to cheer, I wanted to tell everyone. But I held it in, if anyone was going to be the first to find out it would be Jared.

Text sent: GUESS WHAT

He actually replied and asked me what was for dinner.

On my way back from the office I called both my parents. I got a hold of my mom and shared the news with her, then finally got to tell Jared and  got a hold of my dad.

I had been so excited all week every night on my way home from work I got a headache, I couldn’t believe this monumental moment I had been waiting for had finally arrived – it was better then I ever imagined.

That night Jared and I celebrated, he got Arby’s, I got a slice of Jamoca Pie and we kicked back with some beers.

By 11pm I was so exhausted from being excited all day that, well my oohgioia fact failed to get posted – but I think I had a pretty good excuse as to why.


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