My bad…

I’m terrible this week internet and I do apologize for that. See you have to understand, these past two weeks have been busier and more exciting then you could imagine and way more exciting than my blog entails.

In the rush of getting all of my new hire paper work in on time and keeping my mouth shut at work about how I am being hired on – Sheryl got hired too. Okay so right now some of you are thinking about how wonderful that is, others are thinking about how we will get no work done and a few might even be thinking about how messed up it is that I have worked here as a temp since September and am just getting hired and Sheryl has no tempting that she needs to do.

Let me clarify. Sheryl will be rolling into a position much like mine as I move up – while she will not have a temping stunt like I did, she will have a period of time to go through before, well before her name is officially on the book. So don’t feel bad for me, and even if that weren’t the case I would be thrilled for her anyway.

Second – I know how to differentiate between work and play. I get paid to do my job, not socialize and have fun, if I thought otherwise I would have been gone a long time ago. I am sure Sheryl and I will talk and laugh and at times need to be reminded that we are at work, but only once in two years of school (or so) did a teacher ever say we were being disruptive. I have faith in us.

A lot of things are happening right now internet, a lot of wheels are turning and different things are in motion. Terrified of celebrating to early and jinxing things – well post about those are being put on hold until after the final result. Please know that while posting volume maybe down right now that drafted posts are in the making and being prepared for future posting.

Thanks for hanging in internet – I am sure this lull in the oohgioia blog will lead to new great highs.

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