I have never really watched the tv show Big Brother nor was I ever really into conspiracy theories… so my reasoning behind not liking to talk on the phone in public, well it has no real just ifcation.

I actually hate talking on the phone, more specifically though – I hate talking on the phone in public. I have this strange sense that someone everyone is listening. I don’t even need to be talking about anything exciting, important or even personal for me to feel this way. I could be ordering Chinese food while sitting outside Starbucks, after attempting to convince Jared to do it instead.

I always feel like someone is listening; like someone is judging.

It maybe because for the life of me, I can’t help up eavesdropping on other phone conversations around me; I don’t mean to & it usually happens without my even knowing, but because of it – I worry everyone else is listening too.

Before, I would refuse to talk on the phone in public. I would (and on many occasions still do) sit in my car for the remaining length of the phone call. I would just sit in a parking lot, car running and music on, conversation still going for however long it took. I can remember when Jared was in Florida, we would talk on the phone every day – there would be times that I would end the phone call, “Can I call you back later? I have been sitting in my car parked in front of Starbucks for 15 minutes and everyone is looking at me funny…

Call me crazy, but I just don’t like people to know everything that I am doing and everyone I am talking to and I absolutely hate talking on the phone in public because of it.


One thought on “oohgioia fact #5 – why I hate talking on the phone

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