The American Heart Association host Jump Rope for Heart at different schools throughout the country. Student’s at the school collect donations and then jump their hearts out to help kids with “special heats” obtain healthyhearts.

Jared, age 13, was helped by Jump Rope for Heart

The money collected from Jump Rope for Heart goes to help fund what in many cases are lifesaving surgeries. Jared, who is a 13-year-old boy who used to have a “special heart”, was able to have the surgery he needed to fix his heart, “Since I had my surgery, I feel better than I used to. I have more energy,” said Jared.

Jared also explained how the American Heart Association’s Jump Rope and Hoops for Heart are both fun ways to help someone else.

You may be have finished school and no longer have the opportunity to jump for this great case, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a donation.

This year a friend’s daughter, Brianna, will be jumping rope to make a big difference in someone else’s life.  Brianna has set out to raise at least $100 to donate to the American Heart Association and while doing so she has gotten active, jumped rope and been learning even more about how to take better care of her own heart.

Help Brianna be a Heart Hero by making a donation

This year, with Brianna, you can be a Heart Hero by making a donation to this great cause.

Jump Rope for Heart helps kids of all ages suffering from different heart conditions. Help make Nate’s, age 11, wish come true – “wish that other kids with heart problems can have their hearts fixed and that someday no one is born with a congenital heart defect [like he was].”

At three days old Nate’s doctor told his parents he heard a heart murmur, Nate’s parents then rushed him to emergency room. Nate had been born with holes in his heart, hoping they would heal themselves the doctors sent three day old Nate and his parents’ home. By the time Nate was one year old, doctors learned that Nate needed an immediate heart surgery to close the holes and fix another problem. A few surgeries and family scares later, with the help of the American Health Association’s Jump Rope for Hearts, Nate was able to receive a pacemakerthat helped to solve all of his problems.

Nate, age 11, was able to get a pacemaker because of Jump Rope for Heart

Brianna is currently just a few dollars away from her goal, you can help her surpass her goal by making a donation of any sizeremember even the smallest amount helps to make a difference.

To make a donation to help Brianna reach her goal and make a difference in another child’s life, you can click HERE.

To learn more about the kids that Jump Rope for Heart has helped, click HERE.


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