I swear to God, I didn’t die… or give up.

Dear Internet,

It has been awhile; enough time for you to grow, get married, have kids and see them off to college… or something like that.

These past two months poses more obstacles, projects and “events” then I had ever anticipated causing my disappearance from oohgioia. My fingers are crossed that I can come back to a somewhat regular posting schedule now, but dear lord – please don’t hold your breath.

February was packed full of attempting to prep future blog projects and getting ready for my “first day of work,” little did I know at the time how much I was getting myself into with everything. As the month came to an end it finally felt as if I had a grip on things and would be able to move forward, coming back to regular posting. Little did I know that was just the beginning.

March 01 marked my first day as an official associate; I woke up excited and ready to take my badge picture – I had planned out my outfit a week in advance to ensure I wouldn’t be embarrassed of my picture for the years to come. I arrived at work and made jokes with co-workers about how I “left extra early today because I was worried I might get lost on my way here” and introduced myself as “Heather, the new girl.”

On March 05 I finally got my badge picture taken -- I am convinced no one has a flattering badge picture...

Little did I know that would be about all the fun that I had that day; the rest would be stressful and cause for quite a headache.

I showed up and my computer would not allow me to log on, a phone call to IT convinced me that the help desk there had no idea what they were talking about. Four hours later they finally figured it out & my computer was logged in, but nothing was set up. It can’t be that easy right?

While waiting for my computer to allow me to log on another member of IT stopped by my desk and handed me a Blackberry, I looked at him confused and asked why I was getting this? I know, when someone hands you a free Blackberry you should probably just take it and run, but no I ask questions.

Long story short, the Blackberry was to be used to access my desk top computer remotely, or from any other computer; and well, when my boss found out I had one, that was the end of the fun and glory. It was all kind of a blur of excitement, confusion an disappointment, but all I remember Blackberry battery almost fully charged my boss walked out and said “You shouldn’t have a Blackberry, you need to give it back.”

Here it is over a month later and I still have that fully charged Blackberry in the box un touched – figures, right?

The rest of the day was just as painful; my access to things were gone and all of my files had disappeared. Usually, I would suck it up and go on with it, but with a lot of documentation on items I was in the midst of working on it was prominent that I retrieved my files ASAP.

I got my files back almost two weeks later.

The rest of March was full of work; my work load increased by at least 110%; I took over all HR transactions for an office location in New York and was placed in charge of all of Sheryl’snew hire training.

photo taken one month after we started "dating"

Mid-March Jared and I celebrated our five year anniversary by forgetting all about it, ordering Chinesefood, drinking beers and watching TV. I am not sure it really could have been any better.

It still amazes me that we have been together as long as we have. It feels like it was just a few months ago I had just gotten my job at the local Starbucks and developed this huge crush on the guy who always came in – Jared. It took me a week to figure out his regular order, Grande white mocha.

We met in March and at the end of June I was flying out to Florida to spend a week hanging out with Jared and some friends -- Right off the plane.

I can still remember the day he walked in; I was so excited to impress him by remembering what he always ordered.

I looked over the bar at him, “Grande White Mocha today, right?” I asked.

Go figure that was the day he switched back to coffee, “No, just a Grande coffee,” he replied.

one year anniversary

I was so embarrassed I wanted to hid in the corner until he left, I poured his coffee, handed it to him and then went back to my station behind the bar making drinks.

I remember the first time I went to band practice and the brownie fiasco; five years ago and it still all feels like it was just a few months ago. It is amazing to look back and see just how much we both have grown.

My brother and me as youngsters

At the end of March my little brother celebrated his 21 birthday. It was bound to happen eventually, you know seeing as we all get a year older each year, but it is still crazy that my little brother is now old enough to go out to the bar with me… and spray his beer all over the wall. [Check out pictures of our fun HERE]

Somewhere in the month of March came the birth of two additions to my small and young friends group as Caitlin finally burst and had little Bradley Phillip and another dear friend, Katrina, added Jax to her growing family.

Now, here we are, early April. I finally seem to have things at work under control and life seems to have some-what settled down.

I have two post series currently in the works for your enjoyment… later; and I am hoping that regular posting will be resumed in the extremely near future.

In the meantime, head over to my friend Sarah’s blog and show her some congratulatory love. Along with being a great support for me the past few months, passing along her positive energy and vibes, Sarah will be marrying her true love, Chuckie, this Sunday. I am beyond ecstatic for the two of them and wish them both the best of luck in their beautiful future together.

I hope you’re ready Internet, I’m makin’ a comeback.

Oh! And I also discovered Pintrest which has sucked away much of my free time, follow me by clicking on the FOLLOW ME ON Pintrest link in the right side bar.

4 thoughts on “I swear to God, I didn’t die… or give up.

  1. omgggg the story about you and Jared first meeting :’) I never knew how it happened!!
    Also, thank you for the blog love! I’ve also been a terrible blogger lately but I’m working on it, haha. I also have some news I must share with you, but that’ll come in a message when I stop being lazy! :) <3

    1. haha a few days after that he sent me a MySpace message asking me if I was the “hot girl who works at Starbucks” I responded with something like, “ha, idk about hot, but I do work at Starbucks…” it has all been history since.

      Oh goodness, THANK YOU you have been such a great support despite being miles away and busy with your own wedding — which by the way from the three or so pictures I have seen looked spectacular. I am so happy for you two.

      Can’t wait for your message :) I have a few updates for you too.

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