The Wedding of the Year

Check out Sarah's post for more wedding & pre-wedding photos Photo from More Adventurous :: linked

So if you didn’t (or even if you did) take the time before to go over and congratulate Sarah on her recent marriage, stop by now! Sarah posted the last two days about the week in Austin, Texas leading up to the big day and then a post all about the wedding & party of the year (trust me you will wish you were there).

Even better; Sarah has included some great shots of her big day.Seriously, I nearly cried with excitement and enjoyment, while wishing there was a way to rewind time, put more money in my bank account and make it out there to celebrate with her and Chuckie. I am beyond estatic to hear about how amazing their big day was and cannot wait to hear all about their life journey together.

Really Internet, go – go check it out, read about the big day and then tell Sarah how excited you are for her; because, while I know you probably have no idea who she is, I am sure her post will fill you with energy, excitement and happiness (that’s just how awesome she is).

For the last time (on the oohgioia blog at least) – CONGRATULATIONS SARAH AND CHUCKIE!!

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