The Big Move will be series of post chronicling my journey to find a home to purchase. My stomach will be in knots at times, my excitement level may end up through the roof and I may feel a times so scared that I want to shit my pants – but at least it will be real.

Terrified about jinxing anything, this will be posted once the journey is complete, the home is purchased and the move in as begun. These will be posted on some type of bases allowing you to follow my journey while not facing a flood of new messages in your inbox.

Feb. 17 – the start of the waiting game

So here is the thing internet – I am buying a house and no you cannot say anything to make me feel differently about it. No I will not rent, no I will not consider a condo and no I will not consider a town house.

The signing of my offer letter at work gave me the job security I needed to feel comfortable in moving forward with the home buying process.

You see, the wheels have been turning for quite some time now, a pervious event in my life left me with the finances to put forth a decent down payment all I had been missing was the secure job, the job I with a salary where I planned to stay for a while. I finally have it.

Shortly after being brought on as a temporary associate at my job I sat down with the investment banker, discussing my student loans was at the top of my list – buying a home was up there as well. With the warm wishes and positive approval of the lady who handles all of my investment banking I moved forward with my hunt for a future home – it was time to find an agent.

Everyone I mentioned buying a home to knew an agent that was “the best.” I began to reach out only to find an abundance of voicemails. One agent I knew since I was a mere 6 or 7 years old, I called left messages and tried again when it was stated she would return to the office. She never called me back.

Finally someone gave me an email address for an agent, that alone was like a weight lifted off my shoulders (here is why). So I sent an email to an agent, Ellen, who was still somewhat new to the real estate game and began on my adventure. Soon I was talking to a loan officer and obtaining the needed approval to go look at houses and only look at houses.

Ellen and I headed out on a series of adventures, I never knew looking at houses could take that much out of you or even be so much fun. Ellen is amazing, I know everyone thinks their agent is the best – that is good, you really should, hopefully your agent has gone out of their way to help get everything in this house for you – but for me, Ellen really is the best. Where she lacks in the years of experience, her team, whom she constantly consults, is readily available to be of assistance. But what makes Ellen a perfect match for me is her age. Ellen is young, she is only a few years older than me – I need nearly no filter when I am out with her; it has allowed me to state my mind and comment on things that if I was out with someone that was twice my age, well I might hold back. With Ellen I can make jokes and comments about the neighbours carrying three cases of beer or how close the Chinese takeout is, something tells me it has a lot to do with us being in the same generation.

I digress though.

Our house hunt was insane; I got a real good idea of what I don’t want in my future home and an even better idea of where I did not want this future home to be – like right next to the rail road track. In the dozens of mangled, battered and beaten homes we looked at, one stood out – Pepper Tree.

Pepper Tree was like that teenage crush; it was on my mind every day, it was all I could seem to talk about and as if I could see what was going on with it I stalked it’s MRSL listing like it was Facebook.

Then I found out it could be as late as July that I hear about the job, my heart dropped – I knew I could not continue looking at Pepper Tree every day like I was or the pain of it being sold would be that much greater. So I began to detox and would only glance over at the Pepper Tree listing once a week or so.

I decided if Pepper Tree were still there come nearly July time when I might have been destine to hear about my job – I needed to return, relook and write up a contract. If it was gone, well then I would be deadest on finding something just like it.

Friday, February 10 I got the job offer, accepted and signed my offer letter.

Saturday, February 11 I spoke with the loan officer to go over some loan details and reconfirm the information previously provided.

Monday, February 13 I got the green light to make an offer on a house if I wanted to as long as the closing date was after March 15.

Wednesday, February 15 Jared, Ellen and I headed back down to Pepper Tree to give it a good look over. After about an hour spent looking in the house and discussing possible options, noting the damage and discussing how to fix it and of course laughing at both the dryer and pencil sharpener we decided we wanted it. We drove back to the office and in the late hours of the night (okay okay it was like 8:00 pm) we began to write the contract and make an offer.  I wrote my earnest check, signed my name more times that I would like to recall and read a lot of the nitty gritty details. Then around 9:30 pm it was done. The contract was complete, offer made, contract sent to the other agent – breathing has been hard ever since.

Right now, no one knows outside of the people that need to (of course by right now I mean while I am writing this, not while you are reading this). I haven’t told my parents, my best friends, or my co-workers, I made Jared swear he wouldn’t tell anyone. I am nervous beyond belief; my stomach has been in knots since I made the decision and seeing as it is a short sale I know I have a few more months of knots to go.

I wish now, Friday, February 17, I could at least tell you the seller of the house has accepted my offer and I am just waiting for the bank to say, “hey, yeah we think you can handle this.” But I can’t. You see internet, the seller is apparently in North Carolina on family accounts and won’t be back until Saturday. I know, that is just tomorrow – but all this waiting is going to make me go crazy.

The seller’s agent feels good about the contract and actually placed the house listed as under contract to keep others from looking at it. In the mean time I am breathing deep and thinking positive thoughts. Pepper Tree and I are destine to be together and I am sure we will end up that way.


3 thoughts on “The Big Move – Feb. 17 – the start of the waiting game

    • I do I do! Ellen I actually had this “OMG I didn’t want to be a Facebook stalker, but you know Sarah!” moment this weekend. She is great and we have decided to have a girls night with you and a few other ladies soon.

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