March 02 – a phone call

I nearly yelled, jumped out of my chair and cheered, but I had to keep my calm as Ellen on the other end of the phone told me, “Congratulations, the bank has approved your sale.”

It has by far been the longest most nerve racking weeks of my life – well except for possibly when I was not sure if I was going to pass statistics and graduate – every time my phone notified me of a new email I wondered if it would be from Ellen and if it was, what it would say.

For weeks I just keep thinking, this will be your house, everything will be okay and well… well now it will be my house. I actually think that is the first time I have said that – it will be my house – there is a strange sense of pride and fear that emerges with that thought… that fact. It will be my house – yeah I still can’t believe it.

With the bank’s stamp of approval and the seller’s okay on-word the home buying story goes; and now it it’s time for all of the fun nitty gritty dirty details that actually go into the home buying process.

First off, it is time to get all of my funds in order – I have spent my last three lunch breaks on the phone with my investment banker and her partner attempting to get everything straight.

Next up, depositing that “good faith money” and hoping that, well, all the money is in there when the check is set to clear.

Tomorrow is the big meeting with the loan officer to go over all of the mortgage details and explore this qualification for USDA financing – I have no idea what this mean, but they told me it would eliminate a lot of cost and save me money & I am all about saving some money (especially after the increase in the sale price).

Then comes the home inspection, that is scheduled for a little over a week from now & the thought of the home inspection alone makes my stomach turn with nerves like a teen age girl waiting for her crush to finally call. I already know the house has issues and I already know the house needs work – but I can’t help but worry that it is going to show more than I can handle or afford. My Dad is coming with me though; in a way that gives me some sense of security – no matter how old I am or how independent I have become, I trust my Dad, his opinions and his experience – but at the same time I am absolutely terrified my Dad might look at me and say, Heather, do you realize what a mess you have gotten yourself into? Didn’t I tell you to be careful and think this though?

At some point the home needs to be an appraisal of the house – which to me is also somewhat terrifying. I have absolutely no idea what happens if they say the house is worth more or less then what I am paying for it, but I suppose I will tackle that hurdle and question when it comes.

But InternetI AM BUYING A HOUSE. I will be a home owner & I am so excited to make this house into my home.

2 thoughts on “The Big Move – March 02 – a phone call

  1. I love this post! We just bought our first home and moved in around May 1. I remember all the stuff you are writing about, the terror of it all . . . and the excitement! Best wishes to you as you move forward, and may this house truly become a home for you. :-)

    • Congrats on your new home! I wish you and your family a wonderful and exciting life in the new place.

      Thank you so much for your kind wishes, as I am sure you know the home buying experince is a roller coaster – one day you are beyond excited about it all and the next your terrified something might not work out. I hope that your journy didn’t take as long as mine, but if it did, I am sure it was well worth it. Congrats again.

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