I had this huge Homer Simpson D’oh! moment when a little birdy told me that you were looking for a cover letter that pops and grabbed you attention right after I sent in my formal, black and white dress, ready for a formal night gala cover letter.

So in a last chance ditch effort that you just might click on to the last link in that formal cover letter, consider this my informal introduction.

I can still remember the moment, junior year of college sitting in the advisers office and making the decision to drop the journalism concentration I  had been working towards to swap to a public relations major concentration and pick up the electronic journalism minor. It was then, my adviser, sitting on the other side of the desk unsure just what classes I needed to take as my education at VCU toppled the Mason classes, she looked at me and said, “Well it looks like the only class you aren’t in or have credit for that you must have is Journalism Law…”

Law? Really? How terribly boring could that be? But if I must, then I will.

I registered for the once a semester late Tuesday evening class and the first day of the semester dragged my feet as everyone else was heading home and I was off to learn about law.

That was the last day I dragged my feet to class or even complained about having a late evening class. I sat down, middle of the class room, Professor Goldberg walked in, started teaching and slowly I became that fish that just keep biting onto the hook, continuing to be reeled in. You got me Journalism Law, you got me.

It is super cliche that people find themselves in college, your entire life is a journey of trial, error, mistakes and discoveries in the search for yourself. But suddenly it was clear, the 16 plus years I said I wanted to be a journalist, but couldn’t ever quite see myself working for a paper – this was why. I had found my calling, my passion and took full advantage of Prof. Goldberg’s wealth of knowledge for the remainder of the semester and the nearly two years.

I am sure you have never seen The O.C., but just in case you have – in the final episode of the last season, Summer Roberts finally figures out “who” GEORGE her true love is and heads off to be an activist and public speaker on a mission to save the planet, it all finally clicks. That was it free speech and the First Amendment were the direction I wanted to go, I had my Summer Roberts moment and could not wait to land that dream job.

Here it is, two years later and I still find my self in heated debates about free speech, I still find my self explaining just what rights the First Amendment gives us and constantly baffled by the lack of knowledge. But why should I be? I was in that same boat until a few years ago – I am a free speech late bloomer.

For years I thought my dream job would be to work at a big newspaper, then the print market took a turn for the worst battling the changing times and my experiences with editors fell short of being a dream come true. Then I decided I wanted to do public relations for bands, specifically metal bands, I decided I loved music and writing so why not combine the two right? Wrong,I stopped when 90 to 100% of the local bands I did work for resulted in a break up weeks to months later. For the last two years, in what is statistically one of the worst job markets in years, I have searched for that balance between writing and this new found free speech passion and in the end settled for what would pay the bills.

In a turn of events, unexpected announcements and uncertain times I sent an email to Prof. Goldberg, this time not asking an ambitious number of questions about the latest free speech craze, but requesting he keep me in mind as he saw job postings.  In keeping a positive mindset, finally it came:

This has you written all over it!


Prof. Goldberg

SOLD. There it was, right in front of me the job posting I had been waiting for, the perfect cross of my writing skills and my new found passion for free speech. The job that could easily become my career.

So here I sit, 23 years old with what appears to be my dream job sitting in the balance. Every email I get I secretly wish is a follow up to that formal cover letter. It never is, its usually just LinkedIn telling about the jobs they think I might be interested in. I digress though…

If you do ever read this, well then, I hope maybe you have a tad of a better understanding of my excitement about this job posting, but I am sure until you get to meet me you will have absolutely no idea. I hope that in the future I will have the opportunity to further discuss the position and tell you a bit more about myself.

Thank you so much for your time.


Heather Gioia


3 thoughts on “Dear CDT Communications Director,

    • Thanks John, I really appreciate it. This job seems like a great opportunity to do everything I have been searching for in a job. My fingers are crossed and I’ll be sure to post any updates I might get on it. Hope all has been well! I feel into a ton of work and became a terrible blogger :l

      • It was good to see a post. Hit my email and popped in right away. Feel free to delete if you don’t want them to see these eh! And best of luck on it, sounds ideal.

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